Stephanie Wallick


Stephanie Wallick

She quickly retreated back to London, "and within six hours I booked a huge job which flew me directly to Copenhagen, and then a week later I flew to Frankfurt. So London has become a market where I can count on work, which is great because modelling is so fickle, and you never know if you're going to work from one day to another."

"Here there may not be the massive campaigns, but the bread and butter - knowing my rent and expenses are going to be paid from modelling - you can't ask for more than that."

The other reason Wallick came to London was to be part of that city's scene. Wallick has strong ties to her music and is using modelling to pay bills while she develops her skills as a DJ, "All the best bands are here, the best electronic music is here, the best mainstream, high end, every kind of scene is here."

For Wallick, London feels like an extension of who she is. "I can say that I've travelled the world once. I've always felt like the black sheep, I've always been picked on, and London just seemed to be the place where people were like me in a sense. Obviously they're English and I'm Canadian, but they're cool, they're funky. I hate people that are 'too cool for school,' I can't handle it. Here people are down for fancy dress parties or '80s nights. Every weekend everyone in the club will be dressed like Madonna or what have you. It's hilarious."

The other side of Wallick is the deeply spiritual one (hence the bindi and Indian shirt). "I'm part of an organization called the Art of Living, and the founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the second year in a row. The Art of Living is now the largest NGO in the world, recognized by the United Nations, World Health Organizationů all the big ones. They're sort of like the Red Cross in that they went in after the Tsunami, they went to Katrina. They do major relief work. And they also do breathing techniques and meditation courses and all that wonderful stuff. So I'm getting involved more in that."