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Kaela Walton

Agency  Next (Toronto)

Hometown  Vancouver, B.C.

Background  Irish, Swedish, Danish, Canadian

Modelling Since  2007

Age  18

Height  5'10" (178 cm)

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Hazel

Discovered  A couple of years ago I was scouted by Corey Mann while walking in my neighbourhood. I decided to finish high school before I began modelling last summer (2007).

Best Modelling Moment  Iíve had some wonderful modeling experiences but the one that stands out took place while I was in Montreal. I worked with Lydia Cournoyer for one of my first studio shoots. I knew I had a shoot that day but didnít find out until early that morning; minutes before the shoot began. Initially I was a bit frazzled but it turned out to be an incredible day. Everyone was so talented and genuine. It was one of those easy flowing but highly productive days where the time passes so quickly. In addition I got some beautiful pictures for my portfolio.

Awkward Modelling Moment  In London, after shooting an editorial, the creative team and I were locked in a graveyard late at night with all our junk. Luckily some teenagers appeared and showed us a way out; we had to crawl through some bushes and then climb over an iron fence!

Favourite Market  This is a question best answered with more experience but for now I would have to say New York.

Favourite Model  Jessica Stam and Natalia Vodianova

Also represented by
  • Next (Montréal)
  • Ford (Paris)
  • Union (London)
  • Next (New York)
  • Interact

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