Daria Werbowy

Feb 9, 2021

Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy

Modelresource loves Daria Werbowy. Not just because her name shows up at the top of our "most searched phrases" either. Modelresource loves Daria because she is the epitome of what a Canadian model should be.

Despite rumours that swirl about celebrity romances -- despite designers clamouring to have her lead off their fashion shows -- despite earnings that exceed some small countries, Daria still talks to people as if THEIR time is important. She appreciates her success, acts genuinely glad to meet you, and is regarded by those that know her as "real" -- a quality that would be very easy to leave behind.

Daria certainly isn't the first Canadian model to take the world by storm; Linda Evangelista will always be the first Canadian supermodel. But in a day when any serious modelling publication doesn't use the S word lightly, Daria had opining "its clear that Daria's here to stay. And they said there would be no more supermodels!"

Like Evangelista, about whom Karl Lagerfeld once said "There is not another model in the world as professional as she is," Daria also has the Chanel mogul's attention. In reference to Daria, Lagerfeld says she is "the girl of the moment," and "She is much more than a model -- a personality and a unique beauty, a rare mix."

Modelresource spoke with Daria Werbowy backstage following the Carolina Herrera fashion show in New York, Monday.

Modelresource (MR): First of all, how are you?
Daria Werbowy (DW): I'm holding in... I'm hanging in. It's kind of crazy but you go out at night, hang with some friends and catch up with people and it makes it alright.

MR: You've had crazy fashion weeks for a few seasons now.
DW: This is season five now. Can you believe it? Time flies!

MR: Do you get used to it?
DW: (laughs) I don't think you do. I think each season is new. We were just talking before this show and we were all like "How do you do this again?" Or "What do we do when we get there?" But it's exciting everytime.

MR: How do you prepare differently for shows now, compared with when you started?
DW: (laughs again) I don't think I ever really prepared. I was so blown away with it at first that I just would show up and whatever happened, happened. But you get used to this. You start seeing familiar faces and it's like coming back to school every season. You don't see a lot of people for six months, then you come back and everything's like it was.

MR: There was so much hype about you in the Canadian industry years before the rest of the world took note. What did you learn in that time?
DW: Patience is a great thing. That's definitely a great lesson I learned, and I think during that period of time I grew up a lot and mentally I was more prepared. More confidence goes a long way.

MR: What would you tell other models on the verge of an international career?
DW: I know it's a cliché, but you've got to be yourself. The minute you lose your morals and lose a bit of your soul, it'll take you in like that. Just be yourself. There's going to be ups, there's going to be downs, there's going to be great days, but really crappy ones too. So just try to find a balance, stay true to yourself and enjoy every little bit of it along the way.