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The Canadian Model's Resource
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The Canadian Model's Resource takes a broad range of topics relevant to new models, expands them, and organizes them into an easy-to-reference guide. From getting the attention of agencies to what a model needs to know before signing a contract, this guide will greatly improve the model's odds of success.

Many of Canada's top agents and scouts have added their unique insights, making this guide the most credible, well-rounded source of modelling knowledge in print.

The reader will finish the book prepared to speak professionally with any agency or client. They will know the importance of proper makeup - or lack of makeup in many cases - and what they should keep packed and ready-to-go at a moment's notice.

Each chapter finishes with a summary of key points, and "homework" (small assignments for the model to apply to their own personal situation). Bonus features include a full glossary of industry terminology, and a special page of related links set up on



Vervegirl - Holiday Glamour Issue (December 2006)

Vervegirl, December 2006



Part One - Body and Mind1
Chapter One - What's Your Reason?3

Money - Fame - Travel - Fun - Self-Confidence
Canadian Markets - Modelling as a Business

Chapter Two - Model Types11

Baby - Celebrity - Character - Child - Commercial - Fashion - Figure - Fitness
Glamour - Mature - Petite - Plus-size - Promotional

Chapter Three - Opportunities Abound23

Informal - Multimedia - Print - Runway - On-screen

Chapter Four - Model Characteristics33

Charm - Confidence - Complexion - Health - Body - Intelligence - Organization - Patience
Perseverance - Personality - Professionalism - Realism - Versatility - X-Factor

Part Two - Representation45
Chapter Five - Agents and Agencies47

Agency vs. Freelance - Mother Agencies - Agency Types
Agents, Bookers & Scouts - How Agencies Make Money

Chapter Six - Getting Discovered61

Scouting Services - Model Searches - Modelling Conventions
E-mail Submissions - Snail Mail

Chapter Seven - Selling Yourself73

Are You Ready? - What to Bring - What to Ask - Choosing Your Agent

Chapter Eight - Contracts85

What to Expect - Finding Your Own Work - Power of Attorney
Breaching the Terms - Conflicts - Ending a Bad Relationship

Part Three - The Working Model95
Chapter Nine - Modelling Tools97

Portfolio - The Model's Bag - Web Space - Comp Cards - Training

Chapter Ten - Building Your Book107

Test Shots - Creatives - What to Bring - What to Expect

Chapter Eleven - Making Contact115

Castings - Go-Sees - Callbacks - On-hold - Options - Bookings
Vouchers - Professional Follow-up

Chapter Twelve - Travel125

Preparing - Flights - Accommodations - Getting Settled
Staying in Touch with your Mother Agent - International Markets

Chapter Thirteen - Business Smarts141

Accounting Basics - Canadian Tax Laws - Debts - Savings
Preparing for Your Next Career

Part Four - Make Your Parents Read This147
Chapter Fourteen - Supporting Your Teenage Model149

The Nature of Modelling - Know When You're Needed - Education
Travel - Realistic Investments - Spotting Scams - Resources



About the Author

Dan Grant is Canada's only journalist exclusively focused on this country's dynamic modelling industry.

He has owned and operated agencies in Calgary and Saskatoon and has placed models with agencies in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Australia and, of course, right here in Canada. As an agency director his primary focus was on developing models for international placement, with a strong emphasis on giving models the knowledge and confidence they needed to work successfully overseas.

Dan's formal training as a journalist, early involvement with the internet, and attention to detail enabled him to research markets and trends, giving his models a firm understanding of what to expect as they travelled.

He has been involved in the casting and production of numerous fashion shows and photo shoots, is a featured speaker at industry events and has contributed modelling-related articles to Canadian fashion magazines.

Dan currently lives in Toronto's Fashion District with his actor/singer wife. This is his first book.


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Modelresource chose to use Trafford Publishing for several reasons:

  • Trafford is Canadian, printing all orders in Victoria, B.C.
  • Trafford guarantees all copies will be printed using a minimum 30% recycled fibre
  • Trafford uses print-on-demand technology, so only copies that are ordered will be printed (hooray for trees!)
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