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Fall/Winter 2008


Taryn Davidson (Elmer Olsen) for Joeffer Caoc
photo: Maja Hajduk

There was a magical day just over a year ago, when Kate Somers and Taryn Davidson both walked into Pink Tartan's office for a casting.

It was the first time I had met either of them, and one of those days I knew would stay with me for a long, long time.

Since then, of course, both have gone on to be a major international runway stars; Davidson being named a Top 10 newcomer for Spring/Summer '08, and Somers earning the same honour this season.

Tuesday the pair of phenoms shared the runway in Toronto with another Top 10 newcomer from this season, Amanda Laine.

Kate Somers (Ford) and Amanda Laine (Elmer Olsen)
photo: Maja Hajduk

I need to quickly say thanks to my Editorial Assistant, Chelsea Coyle who tracked the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris for me this season, so I could get a look at the likes of Bojana Reljic walking for Isaac Mizrahi, Veronique Leroy and several others.

This week I don't know how Reljic finds time to eat, but I do know that Ford has staff running to get her food between shows because she certainly doesn't have time to leave the tents.

The brown-eyed brunette has been non-stop on the runway, and has never looked better.

Bojana Reljic opening for Lucian Matis and for Lewd
photos: Matthew Lyn (, and Maja Hajduk

Bojana Reljic in the makeup chair
photo: Matthew Lyn (

Another ubiquitous presence this week has been Tamara McDonald's. The Elmer Olsen model opened the Talenti Moda Milano show yesterday afternoon, took time to watch the Lucian Matis presentation that followed, then ran backstage to prepare for Joeffer Caoc.

I'm not going to give away to much before this afternoon's Carlie Wong show, but watch for McDonald in the gown that closes the collection... stunning!!!!

Tamara McDonald for Misura and opening Talenti Moda Milano
photos: and Maja Hajduk and Matthew Lyn (

Some of the most promising new talent to come along this season:

Justine (Elmer Olsen) and Sydney (Chantale Nadeau/Sutherland)
Alyssa (Next) and Sharon (Next)
photos: Maja Hajduk

Here are two things I don't understand:

1) How, in a cast of more than 20, do you not cast a single non-Caucasian?

2) When you book Liisa Winkler to open your show, and follow with exclusives on Taryn Davidson and Amanda Laine, why wouldn't you tip off the media?

Wiinkler, for those that don't know, is one of the most underappreciated models in the days before Daria.

The Belleville model, and wife to Canadian ballet star Ryan Boorne, was an international fashion superstar (and is one of my personal, all-time favourites).

I don't want to go overboard, but Winkler deserves a lot of credit for the success today's Canadian models enjoy. She, as much as anyone, showed you could be a major industry player AND be pleasant to be around.

One of my favourite memories in fact, is of Wiinkler flying home to assist with the Canadian Model & Talent Convention. There was no attitude, no attention-starved antics... just a girl that wanted to be helpful.

I love that she opened Caoc's show... just wish I had known beforehand so I could thank her myself... as you all should.

Liisa Winkler (Mode Elle), stunning in Joeffer Caoc
Sadly, nearly no one knew she was there.
photo: Maja Hajduk

Two more very notables making their face seen at L'Oréal Fashion Week

Stacey McKenzie (Next), and Andrew Stetson (NAM) for Bustle
photos: Maja Hajduk

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