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Andrea Claire

April 15, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle

My latest feature artist is the lovely and talented hair & makeup artist, and freelance beauty writer, Andrea Claire.

Andrea has been living in the Austin, Texas for a year now, but is moving back to Singapore in June. She has been contracted to write a regular beauty column in Austin and finds it closer to fly to see her family in Toronto. Plus, her agent, Judy Inc keeps her very busy too.

Andrea Claire has worked her magic at the Toronto International Film Festival, on the likes of Bill Nighy, Miranda Richardson.

Most recently she was in Toronto with Lady Antebellum for two days. Andrea states they are "so sweet and what a blast to work with their label, EMI. It's easy to be jetset in our industry and I am lucky to have a great family and supportive husband who are all okay with my crazy scheduling!"

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    Paulina Stanek
    model: Paulina Stanek (Next Canada), for Revlon

    How did you get started in the business?
    I started taking make up artistry in Kitchener-Waterloo in the early 80s while I was still in high school. I was a 'New Waver' -:) the 80s was the perfect influence to become a hair & make up artist! I naturally progressed over the years and apprenticed as a hairstylist too. When I was 22 I got my hairstyling license; by then I was based in Toronto and working in a salon in Yorkville before transitioning to the freelance world.

    How do you select your models and please name a few Canadian models that you have worked with?
    Models are selected for shoots for their specific looks - it's really that simple. When you go to a casting - if the client wants a blonde but you are brunette, not getting the job can be that cut and dry. I have been part of the decision making with beauty shoots, other than that I have recommended models for shoots to clients and at times the models I suggest are hired. Canadian girls that I have worked with include Coco Rocha, Malin Ackerman, Lisa Cant, Shalom - I've been blessed with working on many great models.

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    model: Kika-Rose (Mannequin, Singapore) in Bazaar

    What do you cite as some of your most recent inspirations?
    I get inspiration from everywhere. I can be visiting some new place and see a rock formation that I invision it as an updo or a colour in a flower that inspires make up - I know this may sound cheesy but it's true! Sometimes just seeing textures, colours and shapes inspire me or I could be in line at a grocery store and the woman in front could have her liner accidently smudging that I think 'hmmm, that could work for a shoot', current magazines of course. I spend so much on magazines. I also make it a habit of picking up local magazines where I travel, for example, at Christmas we travelled around Argentina and I got some magazines there and their local designers' look books. I find inspiration in everyone and everything - I carry around a digital camera and flipvideo just to help keep my inspirations and ideas in order and there's a lot!

    I bet you played "dress up" alot as a young girl. Can you tell us about your fondest memory?
    I think I did have the craziest imagination. When I was really young I used to lip-sync and dance around but not in a 'live concert way' more dramatic as if I was doing the music video - so funny! I am a horrible singer and I knew it so it's not even as if I wanted to be a singer. I used to give haircuts to my older sister's Barbies - that's a bit more inline! When I was in high school I would rip out pictures from magazines and copy the make up onto myself - I wish I had photos of that!

    Tell us about your work experiences in Singapore?
    Singapore is a great market - not unlike Canada. Everyone is friendly - although Asians are a bit more serious so I had to keep my bad humour at bay; a few times my jokes would fall flat and I would say 'Honestly, I am funny in Canada!' I had the pleasure of being a regular team member for Bazaar, ELLE, VIP, Amica. I had been asked to guest write beauty for some Canadian publications and actually loved doing it; this enabled me to build writing relationships with publications in Singapore as well. One highlight for a shoot was going to Thailand for a Bridal editorial - we had a resort that was doing a soft opening in Cha-Am pretty much to ourselves. My first advertorial for Lancome and Bazaar (Singapore) was quite spectacular too. I have also teamed up with Internationally acclaimed Jingna Zhang - AMAZING woman, AMAZING photographer - we did a test shot that Picture magazine picked up for the cover of their 2009 Sept/Oct issue - this shot won Jingna an award in the UK and finalist in New York for International beauty/fashion photographer and fine arts categories!

    Kristen Stewart in Twilight/The Runaways or Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink/The Breakfast Club?
    Molly Ringwald all the way! (this might show my age....)

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    model: Vera Martynova (Ave, Singapore)
    left shot: Amica; right shot: Bazaar

    Can you tell us a bit about your experience as a makeup judge for the Canadian Gemini awards?
    I was thrilled to be asked to judge for the Gemini's and the Genie's too! I judged both 2 or 3 times... I felt a little fish out water' the first time since I am a beauty/fashion girl and they had prosthetics in some submissions but the winners certainly stood out! I loved going to the awards shows as well - getting dressed up in gowns - I'd love to wear a gown everyday! One year I was recognized by Scott Thompson! I LOVE him. Another year, my old TV show, Stylin' Gypsies, had been nominated for best host (Karen Bertelsen) and best lifestyle show... well, let's just say 'It was an honour to be nominated!'

    Please tell us something about you that no one knows?
    I made my television debut on Romper Room when I was 5 as a special guest! :)

    OH! I have a blog too - it started out as just beauty but I've expanded it a little:

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