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Annie Lam

June 23, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle

Annie Lam first became associated with Modelresource nearly five years ago, when she penned two enduring articles: Model Essentials and Becoming a Fashion Stylist.

Her primary skills however, rest in her ability to take concept and pull together all the pieces necessary to complete a vision.

As one of Canada's top stylists, Lam is not only very much in demand for her creativity, but also for her expertise.

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    Tara Gill
    Tara Gill (Elmer Olsen), by Koby (
    styling: Annie Lam; hair & makeup: Dylan K. Hansen

    Please tell us exactly what a Fashion Stylist's role is?
    Fashion Stylists are trendsetters and fashion leaders. We help create images and bring the upcoming trends to the general public. Simply put, we dress people to make them look good.

    Who inspired you, and why?
    Madonna was a great inspiration growing up. I remember so many fashion spreads she has been in and just went 'wow', I want to wear that. My fellow fashion stylist peers as well. I would sometimes look at the their work and think, 'Man, that's hot. Wish I had thought of that.'

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    Ksenia, Niomi and Peter
    Ksenia, Niomi (Next) and Peter in Highrise, by mooishi
    styling: Annie Lam; makeup & hair: Jordana Maxwell (Judy Inc)

    When did you realize that you were destined for a career in fashion?
    It was very early on in my youth. I believe I was in kindergarten when I told my mom I wanted to be in fashion. Seriously! I loved to draw and would constantly draw pretty girls in different outfits. One day I asked my mom what can I do when I grow up that would let me draw pretty clothes. She said, "Well, I guess you can be a fashion designer." I said "Ok, I'll be a fashion designer then." Shortly after I would steal bits and pieces of my mom's (a seamstress) scrap fabrics off the floor and hand stitch outfits for my Barbies. I stuck to the idea of being a designer into my university years, and near my final year of fashion design I realized there is such a career as a Fashion Stylist. I was enamored, it combined all the things I love; fashion, makeup and photography. I decided at that moment I needed to be a Fashion Stylist instead of a designer.

    What is your most memorable ad campaign?
    It would be for the pearl exhibit for the ROM. It was a crazy shoot. It was all done underwater, where the model was wearing a custom made dress created specifically for the shoot. She was decked out head to toe, jewels, shoes and all. We all had to be in the water with her; I was styling underwater! The images turned out great and it was surreal seeing the building sized posters outside the ROM, in magazines and in bus shelters everywhere.

    Could you tell us about any editorials you have done lately where we could see your work?
    Go Ask Alice is one of the most recent. It was a great team and so much fun!

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    Janine in Jasmine, by mooishi
    styling: Annie Lam; makeup & hair: Jordana Maxwell (Judy Inc)

    Please tell us about a few clients that you have worked with?
    Some of the clients that comes to mind, Winners, Playboy, Hello Magazine, Disney, Much Music, MTV Canada, L'Oreal, Juno winner Measha Brueggergosman, Chantal Kreviazuk and Blue Rodeo. I was also the fashion editor for both Jasmine Magazine and Highrise Magazine. And perhaps a lil something something in the works to come... ;)

    What Canadian models have you performed your magic on?
    Some of my favs are Stam, Michelle Valencourt, Jessica Lewis, Emanuel Anhelescu and Andrew Stetson. What they all have in common is that they can move! They have no self conciousness and just fully go for it when you are shooting them. They are fully commited to the shot and that's what makes a model a GREAT model.

    What is your signature scent?
    I have a few favourites. Like my wardrobe, I change my scent from day to day depending on my mood, attitude and what role I want to play for the day. In my collection for feeling flirty to sexy to just feeling like everyday me, I have Lolita Lempika, Escada Magnetisme, Harajuku Lovers 'G' and anything with vanilla!

    Which rock star would you be for a day?
    Pamela Anderson. She's definitely not a rockstar, but she's dated enough of them, so does that count?! I think it should, because she probably has more interesting stories to tell anyways. I love her! She's exactly one of those girls who knows how to capitalize her looks and makes a million dollar empire based on it, but all because she is one smart business woman behind that blonde bimbo facade.

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    Natalie, by Paul Pacey
    styling: Annie Lam; makeup & hair: Jordana Maxwell (Judy Inc)

    What is your fashion vice?
    BIG fleecy robes and silver moon boot slippers that I change into and rock around the house. I can't wait to change into them when I take off the fashionable clothes and heels when I get home. Sure I can say I slip into a lil fancy silk robe and lil heeled slippers, but the reality is when I'm at home and no one is around, comfort over fashion!

    What is your most treasured fashion possession?
    I'd say my Fendi spy bags. I loved the design so much I had to get two of them. One in classic black and one is a limited edition 'hologram' bronze. They are my babies! Sshush, don't judge. People have their cars, I have my bags.

    What is your favourite wardrobe trick?
    Guys and gals, go buy a silicone stick from athletic stores! They are meant for anti chaffing and rubbing for sports clothing, but they work great for breaking in heels and new shoes! It prevents painful blisters in those slightly tight spots. Just rub it on before wearing your new heels, add more when needed. That simple.

    You have definitely earned the reputation of being one of the Top Fashion Stylists in Canada. Do you have any advice for new up and coming stylists?
    It's a small industry, everyone knows everyone and their business. Be friendly, and professional and it will come back to you. And know when to say no. When you're new, just realize what will benefit you and when to do a job for free or not. GOOD stylists are hard to find, so know your value!


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