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Paul Venoit

April 15, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle

I have been a long time fan of Paul Venoit and his flair for fashion, combining his genius and wit to turn ordinary into extraordinary. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview this much sought after makeup artist and hair stylist.

Born in New Brunswick, and one of twelve children, he has been seen on episodes of eTalk, Rachel Ray, Canada's Next Top Model and his popular show Look-A-Like.

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    Paul Venoit and Coco Rocha
    Coco Rocha with Paul Venoit

    How did you get started in the business?
    I've been captivated by beauty and fashion since I was a young boy. I entered this industry as a hairstylist then very early on began to do makeup. I enjoy the entire experience from A-Z of the transformation of a model, celebrity or the person next door who puts their faith in me to make them look their personal best.

    Please name a few Canadian models you have worked with?
    Canadian Models are the best; Daria, Eve, Heather Marks, Linda Evangelista are all super stars! Working with Trish Helfer on Canada's Next Top Model and Coco Rocha for YSL was an absolute blast. Canadian Models Rock!!!

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    Paul Venoit and Stacey McKenzie
    CNTM judges Paul Venoit and Stacey McKenzie

    What is your favorite celebrity Look-A-Like makeover to date?
    I've done so many celebrity Look-A-Likes over the years and my favorites are always the celebs that like to be adventurist and play with makeup. Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry all have wonderful style and were fun to do.

    Tell us a bit about your role as Ambassador to "Spread the Net" for Unicef?
    Malaria is the largest killer of children in Africa - every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria. My role as an Ambassador is to create awareness and to let people know there's a simple solution. For $10 you can purchase an insecticide treated mosquito bed net that will protect a child sleeping at night.

    Go to and make a difference today!

    What is your favourite red carpet event and moment?
    I loved being on the red carpet at The Grammys because I'm such a fan of music... but being asked to do fill the role of Fashion Commentator at The Academy Awards was over the top! Standing on the same carpet as Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz... was a little overwhelming breaking down their looks live and in person! AMAZING!!!!

    Beatles or Rolling Stones?
    Rolling Stones...

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    Paul Venoit

    Tell me something about you that no one knows?
    I love to play the guitar and write music.

    Thank you so much Paul, you make Canada proud!


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