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Sara Bruneau

September 20, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle

I had the opportunity to interview the young and talented stylist Sara Bruneau before my departure to Europe and to say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is proven by the strong women role models in her family and her passion for fashion.

Sara's flare is evident in such issues as ELLE and Kill Magazine. Her eye for matching texture and colour comes naturally to her like a needle does to thread.

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    model: Rebecca (Folio), for Kill
    photo: Donat; makeup & hair: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio)

    Who inspired you and why?
    It's definitely a family thing! My great grand-mother and grand-mother worked in textile. My grand-mother's love for fashion was contagious and greatly influenced her daughters. Both my mother and aunt are fashion stylists.

    When did you realize that you were destined for a career in fashion styling?
    I studied music for some time but always loved fashion. I decided to branch out to study fashion design and asked my aunt if there was a good stylist she knows who I could assist to start up. That's how I met established stylist Isabelle Long. Working with her confirmed that pursuing a career as stylist was what I wanted to do.

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    Jessiann Gravel
    model: Jessiann Gravel (Montage) in Elle Canada
    photo: Leda & St. Jacques (Rodéo); makeup & hair: Paco Puertas (Satellite)

    Please tell us some of the Canadian designers that you have worked with.
    I work with a lot of pieces from Canadian designers like Denis Gagnon and Marie Saint-Pierre. Recently, I've worked closely with Helmer Joseph from Helmer to create images with pieces from his Fall/Winter 2010 collection in collaboration with photographer Anouk Lessard.

    Could you name some of the Canadian models that you have worked your magic on?
    Kim Cloutier, Jessiann Gravel and Kate Bock

    What is your biggest fashion vice?
    I love gazing at the beautiful Haute Couture creations.

    What are the important stops for shopping in Montreal?
    I enjoy shopping at little boutiques. Some of my favourite are U&I; and Les Étoffes - both on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Unicorn carries a lot of local designers pieces at affordable prices, Old Gold - especially for jewellery.
    In downtown Montreal, you can find Holt Renfrew, Simons carries interesting selections from international designers' collections and you can always find treasures at La Baie.

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    model: Marie-Hélène McCormack (Folio)
    photo: Anouk Lessard (l'Eloi); makeup & hair: Paco Puertas (Satellite)

    What is your opinion on buying last season's items?
    Go for it! If you've been eyeing a designer's piece that you couldn't afford when it came out and you're dying to buy it now that it's on sale - treat yourself! I just myself bought a pair of Pierre Hardy shoes that were on sale - what a score! Just keep in mind to get timeless pieces as fashion trends change constantly.

    How does someone become a professional fashion stylist?
    You have to love fashion, be passionate and be hard-working. Assisting when you start out is an excellent opportunity. You have to work closely with your client to know their needs/clientele and bring your own experience and creativity into the mix to reflect and express their vision.

    Can you describe your proudest fashion moment?
    The very first fashion editorial I styled for ELLE magazine with Leda & St. Jacques.

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    Simons "Twik"
    photo: Patrice Massé (Rodéo); art direction: Isabelle Long (Satellite)

    What is your signature scent?
    Feu d'Issey Light by Issey Miyake

    What is your most treasured fashion possession?
    A gorgeous pair of brown genuine leather cavalier boots made in Italy. I can't wait for fall to wear them!

    What is one piece of important advice on styling that you can give our readers? Male/Female?
    Less is more. Get inspired by current trends and give them your little touch. Be yourself and feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

    Thank you Sara, it has been a pleasure.


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