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Elmer Olsen
Elmer Olsen (foreground)

When Elmer Olsen was in school in a small Saskatchewan town, he had a friend named Linda who was 5'8" with a long neck and skinny legs. Elmer's family raised Registered Polled Herefords and on Sundays he and his father would feed salt to the cattle. Once, for an upcoming 4H competition, his father asked Elmer which calf he wanted to show. "I still remember the cow," Elmer now recalls. "The chain around her neck said 6-2-7. She was a dark cow... very dark coloring with a white face and I remember saying 'I really like 6-2-7's daughter because she reminds me of Linda.'" Such were the humble beginnings of Canada's most renowned modelling scout/agent.

Fast forward to November 2002. Elmer Olsen left Elite Canada and the New York Post reported on it. His profile is that big. Elmer Olsen is known for his eye; his ability to scout models is unmatched in Canada. His success though, stems from much more than that. He challenges regular modelling industry practices.

For one thing, the guy is drenched in kindness. He apologies for keeping you waiting, even if he didn't really keep you waiting. He helps you with your jacket, then hangs it for you. He smiles a lot, shows you everything, doesn't badmouth the competition, goes on ad nauseum about the competency of each of his staff and makes a real effort to give you his attention while the office buzzes around him.

Olsen's agency, which bears his name, has a policy of office hours = open call. In other words, a model doesn't need an appointment to be seen. One more time: if you're interested in getting into modelling, one of the top agencies in Canada will take a few minutes to discuss representation with you… just show up.

Editor's Note: Elmer Olsen Models does not represent children, plus-size models or character models. Men should be at least 5'11"; Women at least 5'7".

Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell worked at Elite from its Canadian genesis more than eight years ago. Before that he was with International Top Models. His introduction into the industry was as a model, but he found it too "nomadic."
Sean Beckingham
Sean Beckingham

Sean Beckingham is one of the rising stars in Toronto's modelling industry. As a student at Humber College he interned with Elite Canada, doing the jobs nobody else really wanted.

Four years ago he was heading up the men's division at Velocci Model Management. He jumped to B&M when Brooke Bailey left to join Giovanni in 2001. Finally, in 2003, he reunited with Olsen and Campbell when EOM reopened.
Kris Lyon
Kris Lyon

Kris Lyon was with Storm Models in London. She worked with Kate Moss, Elle MacPherson and Sophie Dahl. She could work anywhere. She chose to work at EOM. 'Nuff said.


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