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Page Three - Chance Encounters

Publisher's Note: I met Daria Werbowy quite by accident; or rather, because of an accident. I was presenting an award on behalf of modelresource at a Modelling Association Of Canada convention in 2000. Daria (who had won Top Overall Model at a past MAOC) was helping to add some profile to the event. Having had a few drinks during the ceremony, my grip wasn't quite what it should be and I ended up dropping the certificate under the apron of the awards table. Daria and I locked startled eyes. Then, Daria Werbowy, wearing a dark cherry red, sleeveless top, a grey flat skirt that went just beyond the knees, high black boots and her hair pulled back - Daria Werbowy looking punishingly beautiful - Daria Werbowy dove towards the table and very quickly retrieved the envelope while I looked on helplessly.

Daria Werbowy
Daria Werbowy

Daria is the star of EOM's roster. She started her career with Susan J Models in Toronto and met Olsen as she was leaving her first photo shoot. Susan J, who happened to be with Werbowy at the time, introduced Olsen as he entered the photographer's studio. A year later, when Werbowy decided she wasn't doing enough with Susan J, her mother phoned Olsen who jumped at the chance to represent the young model.

When they first met she was 14-years-old, 5'11" and had braces. Elmer would say "you don't know how lucky you are, with such beautiful legs, small feet and no hips. I'd always tease her about it and she'd say 'Oh Elmer, get over it.'

"Last year when she started doing shows, I met her when she came back and she said 'Elmer, I thought of you at every show, because every designer would say 'Uh! You have no hips a size eight shoe and you're 5'11". You don't know how lucky you are.''

Daria Werbowy for Prada

"It's very rewarding now that Daria is doing so amazing. I always believed in her 100 per cent."

Obviously Werbowy feels a real affinity for Olsen as well. Olsen met her for coffee last fall when the model was en route to New York. "She said 'Elmer, a rumour's going around that you're leaving Elite – is that true?' I said 'Oh, why…' and she said 'Elmer, I'm only there because of you… I need to know.'" Although Olsen did not utter a reply, within days his departure was formal. Werbowy left Elite.