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Page Five - Campbell (Talk) Soup

"It's been quite amazing and we're only scratching the surface." Richard Campbell is excited about the future of Elmer Olsen Models. "Our mandate is two or three years from now when you say which agencies are in Toronto, you say 'Olsen, Elite, Ford.' If you're in the industry you know that." Seems true -- while I was interviewing him, Tuta De Sa of EModels, Cape Town [formerly of Goodfellas, London] stopped by.

Richard has a way with words. So much so in fact, that I'm just posting his quotes.

How he differs from Elmer Olsen:
He likes tiny little ankles and strange noses, and I like simple girls that are beautiful with meat on their bones.
EOM's policy on open calls:
How long does it take to look at someone? Five minutes… six minutes? We can be crazy busy but we can take five or six minutes to meet with someone and say 'nice to meet you, but you're not right for us.' If she's great, we're going to be so glad she came. Realistically, girls go to school and can't come Thursday between 10:00 and 1:00. They would have to wait for March break. People may lose interest or find another agency. If we make ourselves more accessible it's in our best interest. It serves both the general public and ourselves.
Working outside a network:
We're now truly acting in the best interest of the girl. Even if she's with Next in another city… or even if it's Elite… one of the things we really need to focus on is the talent herself.
What motivates me more than anything else is giving somebody an opportunity at a different kind of life. What they do with it is out of my control, but I'm giving them an opportunity to probably make more money than anything else they could do at this point in their life, and hopefully they'll do something wise with it that will make their life better in the future. That part I love... especially the kids that do something good with it.
Integrity and Trust:
We are brutally honest with parents in particular -- because they are adults -- as far as what we see going on with their child's career. So, we're guidance counselors, we're shrinks, we're agents... you have to be a little bit of everything to do this well.
What makes EOM different:
You'll only know it when you're here, and you get a feel for the energy.


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