Ford Canada

February 2006

Jessiann Gravel
Jessiann Gravel
The name is almost certain to conjure up images of a rich, 60-year legacy, representing iconic models like Lauren Hutton, Carmen dell'Orefice and Christy Brinkley. A family name that has become legendary throughout the industry. The name, of course, is Ford Models.

If you've been familiar with the industry for any length of time you're almost definitely aware of the Supermodel of the World contest. If you've been familiar with Modelresource for any length of time you're well acquainted with Jessiann Gravel.

As much as is known about Ford however, so much more is merely speculation. More still just isn't common knowledge.

Did you know Ford's website, from a client's perspective, is probably the best in the industry? Extremely clean, with great quality video, simple photo downloads and fast-loading graphics, it offers the prospective client an extremely efficient way to get to know the models. If you are lucky enough to have a password, just try to watch the video of Ashley Stetts without developing a small crush.

Did you know Ford's staff circulate throughout the network? Did you know three Canadian staff work at Ford's head office in New York?

Ashely Stetts
Ashley Stetts
Did you know the agency has staff that are only concerned with scouting? Did you know Ford doesn't participate in modelling conventions or searches (other than their own) anywhere in the world? Do you know why?

You can be certain all these decisions have been well thought out. Corporate knowledge and continuity are hard to come by in this industry and Ford benefits from both, having been guided by the same family since 1946 when Eileen and Jerry Ford started it all in their New York living room.

Most companies that have been as successful this long are mercilessly imitated. Ford is no exception, and all models should be happy about that. Throughout its 60 years the agency developed many of the practices (payment for fittings, weather permits, residuals) that guided the industry to what it is today.

Despite the many followers however, Ford has continued to find ways to set itself apart.


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