Ford Canada


Brad Kroenig
Brad Kroenig (for Le Château)
The network made a solid commitment to Canada in 1995 when it opened an office in Toronto with ten brand new girls, and the ability for local clients to direct-book Ford's international talent. Walk past any Le Château and you'll understand why Ford is here. American Brad Kroenig - the top male model in the world - has been featured in the company's very visible advertising for several seasons, and each of those campaigns is booked through the Toronto office. Canadians like Hollyanne Leonard meanwhile, booked solidly at home while the rest of the network opened up doors internationally.

Ford believes strongly that its ongoing success, both in developing models and delivering for clients, can be attributed to sharing knowledge throughout the network. As such, Ford staff frequently spend extended stints in other cities. The upsides are numerous, says Ford Canada Co-Director Diane Lang. "It's enables us to meet new clients, and get to know the talent. We work as a very strong force in the network to make sure that models in different cities have the opportunity to work here, and conversely for our models to work in Chicago, New York, Miami..."

12 Plus star, Liis
Make no mistake though - most of the Toronto office's bookings match Canadian clients with Ford's wide array of Canadian talent in its various divisions: Children, Teen, Men, Women, Artist, Celebrity and 12 Plus.

In that last area in particular - 12 Plus - Ford Canada has a foothold that even its rivals admit is both positive and impressive. "It's solid for sure," says the agency's other Co-Director Cathy LeDrew. "You look at the pictures of Liis or Ashleigh, you know these girls are size 14, but they work out, their proportions are excellent. They are spectacular.