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Page Two - Oh, Baby!

Heather Marks

"The agency's having a baby." It has been quite a year for Brooke Tremain; married in Rome, four months in India where she became a certified Yoga instructor, and now pregnancy. "We joke that the whole agency is having a baby because everyone hears every detail whenever someone visits the office."

Although she would be the last person to take credit for it, there is no denying the acquisition of Tremain (nee Bailey) was a key piece in Giovanni getting to the next level. Formerly with B&M; Models, Tremain came to Giovanni in the summer of 2001 to take charge of scouting. And scouting she has done -- her travel schedule would exhaust most political leaders. "My first two years here I think I saw every town in Canada. I did 20 to 30 conventions just last year."

"We're ideal for Canadian girls to do Toronto and Montreal," she adds. "When a new face comes through Giovanni, they get so much more exposure in Canada… we're ridiculously good with new faces."

Twyla is one of many
Mode Models on
the wall at Giovanni

She's grateful now she spent so much time on the road. The relationships she built with agencies across the country will allow her to do a lot of her work from home once her child arrives. "Right now I get about 100 e-mails a day. I spend most of my day working through them. Once I have my baby, I'll do it from home."
It was a trip to Calgary two years ago that resulted in a relationship which now sees a lot of Mode Models' roster, including Heather Marks, lining the walls of Giovanni's offices.

Says Tremain, "Heather is the nicest girl… so professional. She travels with her mom, and it's great because they're both so nice. It's not weird with them."

Mode's President Kelly Streit is obviously happy with the relationship. "Alan and Brooke are awesome to deal with and we work a lot with them." He describes Sharon Smith as "majorly strong," and someone that "does so much work for our kids."