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Page Three - Something different

Montréal-based Giovanni models
are promoted from the Toronto office

"Although Giovanni's been around for 20 years, we're just starting." Alan Thomas has his eye on the future. "The internet has completely changed the industry."

"We still haven't launched a website because we don't want it to be like all the other websites. Our clients know us so we don't need a site to promote ourselves. We don't just want a vanity site – we want something different."

Rising star Lisa Cote
The agency's print shop is another example of the "something different" mentality that works for Giovanni. A dedicated print/art/copy person named Micah (who is also one of the agency's new faces – one of those people even us straight guys have to keep looking at to see if he really is THAT attractive) produces the agency's headbook. With a full 11½" x 16" page devoted to each model, and containing full editorial spreads produced by Giovanni artists, every aspect of the book from planning to binding is produced in-house, and can be updated as necessary.

Naturally, the comp cards are also produced on site. "Sometimes we'll argue for three hours over which pictures should go on the comp," says Tremain. "And whether the pictures I choose end up on the card, or the pictures Alan chooses end up on the card, it's not either of us that wins – it's the model. She gets the best promotion because we each take pride in putting out the best possible product."

Adds Thomas, "Whenever possible, we also make the models part of the decision-making process." It's part of Thomas' plan for developing high-calibre models. "The girls that become successful are the ones that treat it like a business."

"This isn't just a job for us. You have to believe that what you're doing matters."