Modelling in Hong Kong

Jobee Yoshizawa - July 2006

What types of models work best in Hong Kong?

Slim Models, age 16-24.
  • Eurasian models work well in all type of jobs.
  • Brown hair is good for commercial.
  • Blonde hair models must have a strong book and show experience.

    General measurements:
    Bust: 81-86 cm (32" - 34")
    Waist: 59-64 cm (23" - 25")
    Hips: 84-91 cm (33" - 36")

    Hong Kong is known as one of the only markets where models can work with several agencies. Is that wise?

    Foreign models should choose the option of having only one agency in Hong Kong. It is the professional way to model in Hong Kong. Also it is important to be legal and have the appropriate visa.

    Is there a lot of opportunity for English language tearsheets??

    Eighty percent of the magazines are in the the Chinese language, so a model will most likely be getting tear sheets in Chinese.

    What type of attitude should models adopt?

    Models should have a pleasant, positive and professional attitude. If the model is too quiet or too aggressive it will be difficult.

    Do Hong Kong agencies provide guarantees?

    Usually not, but it depends on the model and their experience.

    Anything else?

    The agency will apply for a working visa after the contracts have been signed by all parties.

  • Jobee Yoshizawa runs Vancouver-based Mittsu Model Management, and travels extensively scouting for Voice Models in Tokyo, PT Models in Hong Kong, and Baby Blue in Hong Kong