Modelling in Singapore

Updated July 2006

In the last decade of years Singapore has become one of the more lucrative modelling markets, thanks to its ideal climate and excellent opportunities for models to get great editorial while earning money.

According to Images' Pat Collins, "Any time is good except for the second half of December and February (Chinese New Year), but a lucky model can make very good money even during the slowest period."

Singapore is a very modern and safe city/state, making it easy for models to adjust upon arrival. Most of the population is extremely polite.

The major agencies (of which there are only a handful) usually have their own housing provided for the models. They do not, however, usually offer any kind of guarantee.

Clients tend to favor Asian or Eurasian faces, although it isn't uncommon for a Caucasian model with blonde hair and blue eyes to do exceptionally well because of her unique appearance.

Generally models are required to pay their own way to Singapore, but the working days are usually shorter than in markets such as Taiwan or Hong Kong. The days off give models the opportunity to sightsee in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Another obvious advantage of the island nation is its close proximity to other markets. Singapore is located immediately south of Malaysia, and is only a few hours (by air) to such places as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Hong Kong, Osaka, Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. In other words, it can be a good starting point before heading to other modelling markets.

Things to be aware of are the extremely unforgiving sun and humidity. Even more unforgiving is the justice system. Singapore is very conscious of just how beautiful it is and doesn't even allow such things as chewing gum (for fear of litter).

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