Modelling in Taiwan

Jobee Yoshizawa - June 2006

What types of models work best in Taipei?

Models with good experience, a good attitude and a strong book.

General measurements:
Height: 170-179 cm (5'7" - 5'10½")
Bust: 81-86 cm (32" - 34")
Waist: 59-64 cm (23" - 25")
Hips: 86-91 cm (34" - 36")

Is it still the case, as in the 1990s, where models can expect to work incredibly long days shooting dozens of rolls of film.

This is defintely not the '90s, however models will always find some days to be longer than expected... it is the nature of the job.

How safe is it for models to be on their own in Taipei?

Safety is always dependent on the common sense of the model. Taipei is considered one of the safe cities in which to model, but again the degree of safety of any person in any city is dependent on the choices one makes.

Do models travel to castings/bookings on their own?

For castings a booker or manager will accompany the models to assist models in promoting themselves for the job. The model will travel to bookings on her/his own.

What type of attitude should models adopt?

Models should have a pleasant, positive and professional attitude... think successful retail sales people.

Do Taiwan agencies provide guarantees?

Taiwan agencies do provide a guarantee for the period of the contract, however it depends on the model's experience.

Is it similar to Japan in that a lot of the work is for underwear, and if so, how does it affect the chances of success for a model that isn't comfortable with that?

Underwear/lingerie rates are higher, however if a model is not comfortable there are other types of catalogue or commercial jobs available.

Is there much of a TV commercial market for foreign models?

Yes, there is a TV commercial market in Taiwan which will use foreign models.

Anything else?

The agency will apply for a working visa after the contracts have been signed by all parties. If the models are under the age of 20 years old, they will need a parent's permission/authorization letter.

Jobee Yoshizawa runs Vancouver-based Mittsu Model Management, and travels extensively scouting for Voice Models in Tokyo, PT Models in Taiwan, and Baby Blue in Hong Kong.

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