Modelling in Toronto

Toronto - Starter Market

Toronto is great for models from Canada's smaller markets to get started, but it is a highly competitive market so you need to be prepared to get out there, do your best and keep your expectations realistic. You may not get a booking for small insignificant reasons, even eye colour can determine if you get the job or not. You really need to take this industry with a grain of salt.

A model is essentially a product. Agencies will get you in the door to meet clients, but after that it is all up to you. Clients first look at all your physical attributes, and then they will look at how you present yourself. Without knowing anything about you, clients will make judgments. You have to be able to remove yourself from that and be sure to not take anything personally. If a client has to choose between three models with similar looks they will go with the one who they think will be the best on set that day. Don't think you have to come across in any other way, but yourself. Clients will very rarely book a model who comes across too shy or too arrogant.

What to Expect Work Wise

Teenage models in Toronto can work in a wide variety of areas including editorials, runway, catalogue, commercial print, and television commercials. You need to be realistic in what areas you can work in - some models will never appear in an editorial spread, while others may never do catalogue work.


Most of the first year of a model's career is a development period. This is when you are building your portfolio by paying for test shoots and doing creatives with photographers. Patience is a virtue at this time. Learn as much as you can about the industry - check back to modelresource for updates and new articles. Read your model handbook provided by your agency. Ask questions about how you can better yourself; your agent is always there to guide you. Don't expect to be making a lot of money at first; you are essentially starting your own business so you will need to make investments first. If you can, get a part time job outside of business hours to help supplement your income and still be available for go-sees and castings.