Modelling in Toronto (continued)

Under 18 - the legal stuff

If you are under eighteen years old then you will need to have a parent with you at all times. Most agencies will not allow a model who is under age move to the city unless they have a parent or a guardian with them. If you have family who live in the Toronto area and are willing to take you to castings that is great. Please be sure to not take your parents for granted during this time in your career, without their support you could find yourself in situations that are out of your depth. So please thank mom and dad for taking the time to drive you to castings, for talking to your agent, asking the right questions and for anything they may have paid for.

School & Modelling

School should definitely be a priority. If you are still in school maintain a good attendance record and keep those grades up. If you are moving to Toronto while you are still in school, it may be better to come during the summer months or talk to your school about correspondence courses, if they are available. Not every model can maintain a long career so having an education is the most important thing you can have as your back up.

How to Prepare & What to Bring

Don't do anything that alters your look. It may jeopardize your marketability if you do something that doesn't work for you. Consult your agency before you do anything like cutting or colouring your hair. It may be best to wait until you get to Toronto and your agency sees you in person. Your agent will be able to refer you to a trusted hair stylist. Your agency will also give you a list of things to bring like a good pair of jeans, a selection of your best shoes, make up kit, hair products etc. - these are all the items you should have in your model bag.

Hurry up and Wait

Thousands of people try to become models every year in Toronto alone and from those few hundred who can model, only a small handful will make it on an international level. Keep in mind that this is a business and it's not always as glamourous as it seems. Have fun with modelling but still remember to be professional and learn as much as you possibly can about this varied and unique industry. You never know what modelling could lead you into. Some former models have developed successful acting careers, while others have opted to go behinds the camera as photographers. So what ever the outcome with your career make the best of the time you have and create those opportunities.

Good luck and keep smiling!

Gail McInnes is the former marketing and promotions director for B&M; Models in Toronto. She had been a model booker and artist manager for more than ten years, before opening The Style Box