Chantale Nadeau


Richelle Dobson

Being mother agent to a top international model is a rewarding, but sometimes challenging experience for someone that herself had a successful international career. "Oh, it's been a lot of fun," says Chantale Nadeau. "I feel like I'm reliving my career."

"I had a pretty fantastic career, but Richelle's potential is even more because she's 'the look of now.' In my career I feel like I missed my look by a bit. I could see 'the look,' and I could see me and it was always off by a little bit. But her it's the right time."

"My goal is to help her make the right decisions. I wish I had some more guidance in my modeling career. I want to be a mentor for my models. I believe that Richelle and I are an amazing team. With all my experience and her incredible potential the sky is the limit."

It was less than a-year-and-a-half ago that Richelle Dobson exploded onto the international scene.

Richelle's first photo shoot

"This is a girl that never thought about becoming a model," says Chantale. "But the first time she stepped in front of a camera she was incredible. I knew she was good when I saw her, but her first shoot she was incredible."

In the next three weeks - THREE WEEKS! - the then 17-year-old travelled outside Ontario for the first time to meet with Manhattan's agencies, landed with Supreme, flew to Italy to make the rounds of the design houses, and walked the runways of Milan Fashion Week.

"The first six months were difficult," Chantale explains, "because she was doing editorial after editorial and going from Paris to Milan and you don't make any money. You feel like 'When am I going to make any money? What's the point of this?'"

"But then she gets one booking like the Bobbi Brown make-up campaign - and it pays off all her debts."

"I think the first year was about learning everything, and she did an incredible job."