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Next Canada

November 2005

Santa Auzina
Those scouts that really excel - the ones that not only spot amazing new faces, but actually manage to sign them I've seen them at work. They don't just approach someone with an interesting face and hand them their card. Rather, they trip all over themselves, making the potential new face feel like the most special person in the world.

It's not a fake sell either. Good scouts fall in love every day. They're incredibly passionate about their job.

To watch a good scout is to witness one of the greatest sales jobs out there. If the person on the street isn't almost immediately engaged, they're gone.

A good scout understands they are convincing someone to entrust their image, and in fact their body, to a dream. A good scout grasps the sacrifices being asked of the new model spending a lot of money to start, possibly travelling to a new country to work with strangers, setting aside school or work indefinitely.

For a good scout to be convincing they have to believe in the opportunities the modelling industry provides a young person to experience new cultures, build character and earn enough cash to make up for the various sacrifes a successful model has to make.

Next Canada is built on good scouting.

Chantelle Gerkes
Take Corey Mann who started Sarah Ruba on a journey from Starbucks to stardom, and took a chance on a very petite Chantelle Gerkes when she showed up without a mother agent to the Canadian Model & Talent Convention. Since moving to Vancouver in March to open a Next scouting office, Mann has brought in an amazing crop of new faces with names like Els, Kaela and Gigi. He says he couldn't be happier living in Vancouver. "So far, so good" he says, "The new models and their families here have been very receptive to me, and very supportive."

Next Canada scouts have even brought in major Americans like Boston's Sally Lotter, spotted on vacation in Québec City by Next scout Isabelle Trudel; and Nicole Petty, visiting Montréal from her New Mexico home when she was scouted by Montréal's Agency Director Didier Belluguic. Now based in London, Petty is the top commercial money maker on the Canadian agency's roster.

Of course, scouting only gets you so far if you don't have management, and the best endorsement of Next's style comes from the names they represent. International stars like Yasmin Warsame, Vanessa Perron and Ehrinn Cummings call Next Canada their mother agent, as do other notable names like Montréal's Santa Auzina (who just shot Espirit) Lana Ogilvie, Renée Lacombe, Kim Clouthier and Renee Thompson.


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