Amber Pyper
Folio's Amber Pyper
by Brian Ypperciel

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Brian Ypperciel

July 31, 2009, by Chelsea Coyle



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What photographers have influenced you and how?
Many photographers have and are still influencing me. To name a few I would say:
  • Helmut Newton for his guts and for portraying women as strong and confident.
  • Steven Meisel for his ability to renew himself and always be a forerunner with new ideas and fashions. He is very versatile and good at creating stories.
  • Camilla Akrans for her simple and sleek images.
  • Paolo Roversi for his beautiful dreamy Polaroids
  • Javier Vallhonrat... and many, many more.

    Did you have a moment when you realized, within yourself, that you were skilled enough to do this for a living and if so when was that or what was it like?
    Since I've only been really interested in photography for about six years or so, things moved very quickly. Around a year into my new passion, I was hired as an editorial photographer for Style magazine. I think that at that point, I thought I could make a living out of photography. It was the best feeling since I was ready to quit my sales career.

    What inspires you to continue shooting and how do you keep motivated when a certain shot or moment just doesn't happen?
    What inspires me is that you are never good enough and that I can always do better than the last shoot. The quest for improvement is very strong in me. Trying to get the stunning and memorable shot is a powerful drug! But working with amazingly talented people is also a great motivator.

    As a photographer (and sometimes art director!), where do you find your own artistic inspiration?
    Inspirations comes from everywhere and anything. I love European magazines. I usually start shoots with a theme, but the greatest inspirations come at the shoot itself, interaction with the artists on the set and especially talented and motivated models that are willing to give all of their talent into the shoot set the tone for the images to come.

    What is your favourite shoot to date?
    My favourite shoot? This must be the toughest question in the world! There is something I love in most of the shoots, for different reasons. Too hard to answer this one!

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