Brenda Mutoni
Giovanni's Brenda Mutoni
by Geneviève Charbonneau
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Through The Lens

Geneviève Charbonneau

August 12, 2009, by Chelsea Coyle



What photographers have influenced you, and how?
At the beginning of my studies in photography, Annie Leibovitz was the one I wanted to be, the one who influenced me the most. I wanted to do big sets like hers, amazing feeling and most of all I wanted to have the respect that she has as a photographer. With Annie, then came Mario Testino for the glamour, the beautiful top models, high fashion, great location and most of all the elegant class. I am not the kind of photographer to shoot models looking like their dead or ill and Mario's work never shows that.

Did you have a moment when you realized, within yourself, that you were skilled enough to do this for a living and if so when was that or what was it like?
At 14 I knew I wanted to be a photographer and I wasn't about to let anybody tell me I couldn't. The skills I realized when clients started booking me for a second and third time. You know it's one thing to shoot amazing fashion but it's another thing to be able to work in this industry and a big part of my success is listening to my client.

What inspires you to continue shooting and how do you keep motivated when a certain shot or moment just doesn't happen?
I don't think I will ever stop shooting so my inspiration re cycle's itself as I grow myself. When a shot doesn't work it just doesn't. I know it so I switch it up and I adjust myself. It's like clothes, on the hanger it looks fabulous and once you put it on it doesn't. So you don't buy it and move to the one that fits!

As a photographer (and sometimes art director!), where do you find your own artistic inspiration?
Movies, music, books, magazines, concerts, street, other people, other photographers.

What is your favourite shoot to date?
My favourite shoot? I think the one that I like the most so far is True Colors that was featured in Dress to Kill Summer issue 2009. The model, the styling, the hair and make-up, the movements, everything works. And I just love the rich dark brown of Brenda's skin. (full story below)

Giovanni's Brenda Mutoni, by Geneviève Charbonneau


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