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Maude Arsenault

January 22, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle


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    model: Sutherland's Ada, by Maude Arsenault

    What photographers have influenced you and how?
    Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Mario Sorrenti, Paolo Roversi, David Hamilton, Tim Walker, Xavier Vallhonrat.

    Through magazines like "Dutch" in the nineties, Italian, French and English Vogue in general, Italian Marie-Claire and many Australian great publications.

    Did you have a moment when you realized, within yourself, that you were skilled enough to do this for a living and if so when was that or what was it like?
    When I was 19, I met a friend from high school. He told me he was a photographer, I thought that was very cool. I told him how passionate I was about fashion and photography and how much I was shooting myself; just for fun... he said "then you are also a photographer!"

    I had a flash, suddenly I knew I could do this! It then went really fast... I was thrilled to think I could do this for a living! I am still today thankful for doing this job that I love so much.

    What inspires you to continue shooting and how do you keep motivated when a certain shot or moment just doesn't happen?
    I strongly believe there's always something to capture...

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    model: Sutherland's Chelsea Coyle, by Maude Arsenault

    As a photographer (and sometimes art director), where do you find your own artistic inspiration?
    I find my inspiration especially through daylight, locations, my travels and from movies. (Rohmer)

    What do you love most about this career?
    The freedom that it gives me, the travelling, discovering new people all the time, the challenge of always improving and evolving in my work.

    What is your favourite shoot to date?
    A shoot I did in Paris about 6 years ago. It really represents everything I like to do in fashion photography, in all aspects. The sensuality, the location, the strength that comes out from the model, the soft light, the tones and the beauty. (the image immediately below this)

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    Paris shoot, by Maude Arsenault

    If you couldn't be a photographer, what would you be?
    An architect or an interior designer, my second passion!

    What advice would you give to young people starting out in today's market?
    Mainly to be creative, original and to see the whole world as a market!


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