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Tobin Grimshaw

June 22, 2010, by Chelsea Coyle

Pretty much anywhere but in front of a seamless is where Tobin Grimshaw's best work happens.

The Toronto photographer's imagery, stunning in its simplicity and emotion, draws from real life rather than contrivance, which makes it all the more compelling.


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    Chloe Hunter
    Ford's Chloe Hunter, by Tobin Grimshaw

    Describe the moment when you decided that you wanted to make a career out of photography?

    The first week that I assisted Ottawa photographer Tony Fouhse (, I thought, if I could have any job, I would want to be a photographer.

    Who are some of your heroes (Not necessarily in the fashion industry?)

    John Stewart and Stephen Colbert

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    model: Elmer Olsen's Alexandra Lalonde, by Tobin Grimshaw
    makeup & hair: Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc); styling: Amy Lu

    How would you describe your shooting style?

    Documentary. I like moody sublime pictures that make you ask a question or tell a story.

    How do you feel about digitally enhanced photography?

    I think that it's an art. Typically, I think the better a picture is, the less digital enhancement it needs. At least that's the case with my work.

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    Downtown Toronto

    What do you love most about this career?

    The freedom.

    How do you compare shooting in the studio to location? Any preference?

    Shooting on location is where it's at, and there's usually great available light.

    Do you have a funny photo story?

    I took a photo of someone quitting his day job on a freight train because he decided to go hop a train last minute!

    What would you be if you couldn't be a photographer?


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    Angie's Brianna Barnes

    Do you have a client/model you would love to work with?

    I'd have to say Erin Wasson has a great face.

    What makes you laugh?

    My goofy mutt.

    Which rockstar would you be for a day?

    Any one of the Travelling Wilburys

    Who is your favourite hockey team?

    The Habs.

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    Sutherland's Chelsea Coyle

    Dire Straits or The Rolling Stones

    Love Mark Knopfler but I gotta say the Stones. I've been listening to the song 'Heaven' by the Stones a lot recently.

    Any advice for young photographers or our readers?

    Stay Stoked.

    Thank you Tobin!


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