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Becoming a Fashion Stylist


Amber Valletta for Versace
Amber Valletta for Versace
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So who wore that dress in the Versace print campaign?

Super model Amber Valletta. Knowledge like that is what gives you an edge over your competition!

Time Management

Working as a Fashion Stylist takes time and money. It's great for those that love to work mostly on their own schedule, not office hours. As long as you get your work done on time, you're set. But remember, you have to always meet the deadline! When you are expected to show up on set with the required outfits, you better be there. There's no time to check on your progress and there's no extensions when it comes to a job.

At times, Fashion Stylists are required to work long hours and on weekends. But that's the trade off for not working standard hours. Proper time management and self motivation is so important because you have no one else to blame. It all falls on you!

Credit Management

If you're good at managing yourself, great! Now you also need to be extremely competent at managing your money and credit, not to mention your client's expenses. Fashion Stylists have to have amazing credit. Most carry at least three credit cards on them with very high limits. When you shop for your job, you end up purchasing lots on your cards.

Let's say you have a $1,000 expense for three outfits - you may have to buy significantly more than three outfits so the clients have options to choose from. It can easily be over $10,000 for one job alone.

If you have more than one job on the go it can result in a huge balance on your credit cards until you do some returns. If you don't have good credit and several cards, it's nearly impossible to work as a Fashion Stylist.

Social skills

This is the most important skill of all. Fashion Stylists are constantly around new and different people. You need to feel comfortable in all situations and with anyone. How well do you interact with strangers? Being a Fashion Stylist on a new job is a like being at a party where you know no one, or being the new kid in school where everybody else has known each other for years. If you can deal with that, you're one step closer to being a Fashion Stylist.

Working on set can often be long and arduous, sometimes as long as 17 hours a day. No one wants to work with someone for that long that is nasty or grumpy. They want to have someone who is pleasant even with long hours and lots of hard work involved. You have to be able to sell your personality and talent so the client will want you back next time.

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