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Beau Nelson

Beau Nelson is a Canadian born makeup artist represented by Plutino Group in Toronto.

His work has appeared in Flare, Greek Elle, Nuvo, Canadian Elle, Oprah magazine and numerous other publications.

Beau's own makeup line, Beauté Cosmetics, debuted in Spring 2006. For more information, visit

I am often asked by new models how best to show up on set. The key is to keep in mind that everyone there has a job to do, and if you make that job as easy as possible, chances are the people on set are going to remember that and make sure that you are booked again for future jobs.

Hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists and even photographer's assistants all pay close attention to models on set and each of them is constantly setting up creatives, magazine editorials and paid jobs. The impression you make on each one of these people is important because you never know where your next job could come from.

From a hair and makeup perspective there are certain things you should know and try to observe as best you can for each job or creative you go on. Here are some tips to help you along your way:
  1. Hair stylists like one-day dirty hair, and we prefer it to be as it naturally is in life or blown straight, NOT flat ironed. This gives us a great base to work on to create any look we might need for the shoot.

  2. Come with a clean moisturized face. That means no mascara, no concealer, no powder, no nothing. This may mean carrying around disposable wipes and a light moisturizer in your bag with you in case you have just come from a casting or previous job.

  3. Good skin is a model's best friend. Take care of it. That means lots of water during the day. I recommend carrying a large bottle of water at all times, that way you can sip from it all day. Make sure you drink at least 2 large bottles a day.

  4. Good skincare doesn't stop at the face. Make sure your body is taken care of also, and don't neglect your lips. My top tip for keeping skin smooth all over the body is to use Vaseline in the shower. Let the hot water help melt a glob of Vaseline and slather your body with it. What the skin doesn't absorb will either be washed away by the hot water, or rubbed off with your towel. For lips Vaseline works great also but my favorite is Laura Mercier lip balm, which has natural fruit acids in it that exfoliate dead skin while hydrating.

  5. If you smoke or drink coffee make sure you have gum or mints on hand. No one wants to work with a stinky model.

  6. Keep nails neat and clean. There are a ton of places all over the city that do great $10 dollar manicures... just remember to purchase beforehand your own tools that are used exclusively on you, and take them with you to the shop. Most places sanitize the equipment they use, but to be on the safe side, I suggest taking your own. A nail fungus could stop you from working for weeks and is a painful and very ugly problem. Keep polish shades neutral and I think it's a good idea to carry manicure wipes with you also so that you can take off polish if needed.

  7. Eyebrows, next to skin, are the single most important feature on your face. NEVER ever do them yourself and never let your girlfriends do them either, especially when drunk (yes, I've seen the handiwork of many a drunken sleepover beauty moment, and its not pretty). Work with your agency to determine an eyebrow shape best for the look they are marketing you as. Most agencies have someone they trust to shape brows, so ask them for recommendations, and always check with your agency before drastically changing the color or shape of your brow. Maintenance between visits to the brow specialist can be done at home with good tweezers and a magnifying mirror, but do not alter the shape, only clean up strays. I suggest after every hair tweezed, to step back and look in the mirror from a distance. This will stop you from over tweezing. Remember eyebrows that look like sperm aren't flattering for anyone, especially you.

  8. Lastly show up with a positive attitude and a fun outlook on whatever you are doing that day. It's nice to have someone on set that's excited about trying a new makeup look or having wild hair for the day instead of complaining about it or commenting on "how weird" something might be. The more fun you are, chances are the more fun we are going to be with you and the more fun everyone is going to have that day on set.


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