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Getting a Model Physique

Jadine Cleary

Eat Like a Top Model

There is so much information out there about how and what to eat. It's hard to know what to follow, and what will help you to get the physique (in a healthy and sustainable way) that is required for modeling.

First of all, you do not have to have an eating disorder to have a model body.

You have to be smart about what you eat, and you need to be active, but you can achieve the look you want, in a healthy way. In fact you can do better, if you eat smart.

In all of the 'diet' literature, what should you listen to?

There are a few fundamentals that are important to understand. Honestly, maintaining an ideal body type is not rocket science.

Follow these guidelines, get your eating on track and train your body to burn fuel efficiently. I will show you how to have energy and a hot bod.

1) Eat Breakfast

And I don't mean a muffin. You cannot expect of fuel yourself properly if you have a carb and fat filled muffin that is going to wear off in 45 mins, leaving you hungry, and craving more carbs.

The rule of thumb is that you must have protein with every meal. Protein not only speeds up metabolism, it slows down digestion of food and prolongs the energy your body can take from food.

Also, the more carbs (especially simple carbs-like white bread) you have in the morning, the more your body will crave similar foods for the whole day. Ever wonder why you crave that pastry later in the day if you had a bagel or muffin in the morning? Or why you're hungry two hours after eating french toast with tons of syrup? It's because you ate too many carbs, without pairing them with protein.

Eating carbs by themselves is like a sugar bomb to your body. Your body reacts with an insulin spike and you feel great-but then it crashes-and so does your Energy. Having protein with your carbs eliminates the spike so you will be full longer, your metabolism will stay stoked and you'll eat better throughout the day.

2) Eat complex carbs

Yes, I know this sounds like something from health class, but its true.

Have bread or a wrap or spaghetti, but make sure it is whole grain - either whole wheat or from another grain like kamut. It is actually good to eat these types of carbs because they fill you up and keep you satisfied. Not to mention they contain fibre which keeps you regular - which is also good for your digestion and your profile.

Some of these pastas even contain substantial amounts of protein. Kamut pasta has nine (9) grams of protein per ½ cup - that's a lot!

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Motivation & High Performance Coach Jadine Cleary is a world renowned synchronized swimming coach, having coached at the Olympic Games and two World Championships. She currently works with national level synchronized swimmers to prepare them physically and mentally for competition.

She also works with models, designing individualized programs to help them reach their physical and mental potential.


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