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Be Fit, Fabulous & Successful This Fall

Jadine Cleary

continued from Part SEVEN 

5. Cut back on sugar

To quote the Irish, sugar is very "Moorish..." meaning that when you have some, you want more, more, MORE!

This is especially true if the sugar is paired with High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or if you're super tired or stressed.

Firstly, when we're tired and stressed our resilience is lower than normal, and this can wreak havoc on our diet in a hurry. Ever notice it's harder to stop eating Oreos when you're in this state?

Secondly, processed foods containing High Fructose Corn Syrup encourage overeating as they fail to trigger the necessary chemical messages that tell the brain the stomach is full. You can eat as many as 300 calories without your body acknowledging you've consumed any calories at all. If HFCS is in the first 3 ingredients in a food, don't eat it.

When you're craving a high sugar treat, have something that is pure rather than processed, such as dark chocolate. This way your brain will register that you've had the treat and hopefully you won't feel like you can't stop eating it.

Discipline is difficult, but worth it!

6. Reward yourself, but not just with food.

We tend to have this attitude that "we deserve to eat junk food."

e.g. "I deserve that extra large cinnamon bun because I did a run this morning..."

This is a backwards way of thinking. You deserve to have the best, healthiest body always.

You deserve to achieve your goals... you deserve to BE fabulous!

Rewards are very important for continued motivation on the way to achieving your goals.

Reward yourself with a manicure or a new color of nail polish... a great book or a magazine... a night off with your best friend or boyfriend.

Food can be a part of these rewards, just don't make it the only part.

7. Drink your Water!

I know, another health class reminder.

However, look at the top models in the world. ALL of them talk about the importance of staying hydrated for energy, appetite control and glowing skin.

This is an easy one to forget if you're not aware of it, but also such an easy one to do! Just have a water bottle with you, ALWAYS.

Make sure you are drinking at least a litre of water a day.

Plain water, without flavouring is best.

8. Focus on Progress, Not Perfection.

It can be overwhelming not to mention disheartening to focus on being perfect.

NO ONE is perfect.

And trust me, even if YOU think they are, THEY DON'T think they are.

Recognize what you are doing to move towards your goals, not just what you're not.

If you did three out of four workouts this week, but you aced your math test, or had a great casting, focus on what you did accomplish - not just on the workout you missed.

These small steps are evidence that you are moving towards your goals and your dreams.

One of my favourite sayings is that you can't eat an elephant in one bite! You need to approach life the same way - one bite, or step at a time!

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