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Model Perfect Stomach & Thighs

Jadine Cleary

This article is in response to a request by the Bookers at B&M as well as inquiries from many models.

Stomach and Thighs are difficult to train and shape, but it is possible if you follow my guidelines!

To improve your abs and thighs, understand that you need to combine nutrition AND exercise. Exercise alone will not give you the effect you want.

For example, you can work out for 20 mins to burn 200 calories and then eat the equivalent in a Kit Kat in 30 seconds.

To achieve a toned tummy you need to reduce the layer of body fat covering your abdominals-same goes for your thighs.

You must train the whole body - you can't just train your abs or thighs. Our bodies are not capable of "spot reducing." Meaning you can't shape or tone one part of your body.

You need to perform a full-body program to achieve maximum results (raise your metabolism) and achieve a wonderfully toned body.

There are countless exercises for your abs and thighs. Some will build more muscle mass and others will shape the muscle. Go for shaping exercises when it comes to your thighs and butt if this is a trouble spot for you.

Don't rely on cardio alone to fix your trouble spots.

Resistance training combined with cardio will create the lean and toned appearance you want. If you only do cardio you will spend hours chasing an unreachable goal because you are missing a fundamental piece.

It's the muscle that creates the toned affect once the body fat is reduced.

Here are some specific tips for training your abs:

  • Train your lower abs first
  • Breath out as you crunch up to train your stomach muscles to stay flat.
  • If you have your hands behind your neck make sure you keep your elbows are back-for maximum impact on your abs and less strain on your neck.
  • 3 times a week is ample - if they are quality work out sessions. Ab muscles are like any other muscle - you are aiming to break the muscle down to encourage it to become stronger. You need to work it maximally and then allow a day of rest to recover.
  • To keep it simple, do your ab exercises on your cardio days or on non weight training days.
  • Focus on doing 3 sets of 20-25 quality reps. Hold the point of contraction for 2-3 counts. This will give you better results than doing 3 sets of 100 of poor quality.
  • Great exercises are: crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles and straight leg crunches with butt lifts.

    For Thighs:

  • To tone and shape correctly perform 15-20 reps per set, using light weights or body weight (depending on your fitness level and the exercise). This will strengthen the muscle without creating excessive muscle bulk.
  • Great exercises are: lunges, walking lunges, side to side lunges, step ups and step ups with kickbacks.

    Overall remember to tone your thighs and abs within a total body work-out program and to tailor your nutrition for maximum results.

  • Follow the "How to Eat Like a Top Model" guidelines.
  • Lay off the alcohol, sugar and starchy carbs!
  • And drink your water!

    If you'd like a specific program, motivation or individual advice please send me an email.

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