Your First Photoshoot

August 2006


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It's that time you've been waiting for...
your first big shoot/test/creative!

but what do you need to do the day before to get prepared?

For a lot of new faces things can happen fast fast fast!
One of the things being your first photoshoot- yes you have an agency excited about preparing to get your face out in the fashion world- yes you just found out the day before you have a team ready to make you the next big thing and yes you have no idea what to expect...

Smile it's ok!

relax, breathe and get yourself all ready to look and feel your best!

Here are some things to remember:

Appearance Care:

- clean face without makeup NO MAKEUP!

- hair washed the night before. Please don't wash on the same day as the shoot WHY? because dirty hair holds product better and just photographs better:) the MUA will hug you for this too

- leave hair loose or lightly tied back (avoid ANY band marks or those pesky dents)

- no chipped nail polish or finger and toe nails. Nails are to be clean, and please coat with clear nailpolish (I like Sally Hansen New Lengths #12)

- the nail thing happens to be my biggest pet peeve so don't forget that. You want a neutral colour that will go with anything you may be wearing- stay away from red toes!

- shave where needed and moisturize your skin!

Items to be brought:

- house coat and warm slippers or jogging pants- just incase! it could be really cold if you shoot outdoors.

- Anything to be comfortable in- that won't leave marks on the skin:)

- A shirt that you can take over your head easy (one with a zipper is great!) so you don't ruin your make-up and hair

- No socks as they leave marks on skin

- black, white, skin tone undergarments in all styles and variety

- Nylons are good too in black, white and skin colour

- for the ladies--- panty liners! another pet peeve of mine! You may have to wear bikini bottoms etc.. this is for your protection

- some healthy snacks like veggies or energy bars in case it's a long day:)- even though you'll end up ordering pizza- this we keep a secret shhh!

- water water water! stay awake and hydrated! water makes the skin glow too

- your portfolio if you have one and some snaps your agency took of you!

That's my list for now!
Let's add more if I left something out!

The most important thing is to have a good attitude and work with your team:)
Communicate.. don't be shy to ask questions if you don't understand and have FUN!

Believe it or not- personality can be caught in pictures;)
Give it your all and exchange cards and info with everyone!

Wishing you all the best at your first photo shoot!