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Tara Lanoway
Elmer Olsen's Tara Lanoway
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The Men's Industry

Tara Lanoway

May 13, by Matthew Lyn

Developing a successful men's board is something Tara Lanoway has done, and quite successfully. Modelresource recently had the opportunity to dive into Tara's life as she explains her journey through the fashion industry from a small-town photographer to one of the most successful men's bookers in Canada. Tara gives us some hard facts, helpful answers, and a real insider's view about the runnings of the male modelling world from one of Canada's most prestigious agencies, Elmer Olsen Model Management.

Winnipeg is where dreams were born and Vancouver is where they were realized for Tara Lanoway. Her fierce passion and desire to become a photographer escalated her to the top of her mark at a local photography school in Vancouver. Her desire to be the best had taken her scouring the coffee shops in search of Vancouver's next top model (at least in her eyes). Little did she know at the time that her eye would be one of the most notable throughout the Canadian fashion industry.

She eventually moved to London, England where she continued pursuing photography, but fate had a different plan. Tara's modelling pal, Julie Skinner, invited Tara over for dinner at her booker's house... and that's when her life changed. Julie and her bookers believed in Tara and convinced her to be a junior at a new modelling office in London. Eventually, Tara returned to Canada and moved to Toronto where her experience and reputation landed her jobs at Giovanni Model Management and Armstrong Models. After the downfall of Armstrong Models another door opened; Elmer Olsen was looking to expand his men's division.

The Men's board has come a long way since its opening but Tara doesn't take all the credit for its success. Her humility is what captivated me throughout our interview as she shares credit with many others in the industry (the wonderful referrals from stylists, friends, clients and photographers).

Gaining entrance as a model into Elmer Olsen doesn't come easy with their strict requirements, which includes not only the physical standards but also a vibrant personality; a well rounded model indeed. Despite all this, Tara warmly welcomes anyone to their open call (Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm) and will gladly answer any concerns you have about the industry as well as give you some fantastic feedback to move forward. Or to those lucky ones out there, modelling in Milan could be right around the corner.

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