by Jennifer Medley

Jennifer Medley
Jennifer Medley

A working model is the quintessential frequent flyer, boarding what will seem like a gazillion flights during an average-length career. And depending on the perspective, such nonstop travel can be glamorous, or it can be a pain in the butt...or it can be both at the same time!

Regardless of how you look at it, if you’re travelling for a particular booking, the client on the receiving end expects a healthy, glowing model for their photo shoot. Doesn’t matter if it’s a huge advertising job or the most menial of catalogue jobs—they will not be happy to have a sleepy-eyed, bloated, jet-lagged creature wander in, expecting the makeup artist to perform a miracle.

Here are a few simple in-flight steps for feeling great and looking knock-out when you step off the plane:

  • Drink looottts of water. Don’t let extra visits to the not-so-enticing “lavatory” put you off. Keep hydrated by having a bottle of H2O at arms’ reach at all times.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol...and canned tomato juice. All are dehydrating in their own way. Yes, even tomato juice; ever checked out a can’s sodium content?

  • Take your own meal, or request a “special meal” in advance. Avoid the standard, high-sodium and high-fat airline catered meals. This will prevent bloating, constipation, or food allergy flare-ups.

  • Take snacks. Nuts and seeds (preferably raw and unsalted) make the perfect travel mate. Fruit will help replenish fluids.

  • Fight the sugar urge. It will send your blood sugar reeling, which can in turn compromise your immune system, which in turn is like asking to get sick.

  • Wear comfy clothes. No excuse to look like a slob, but wear clothes that don’t cut off circulation. Plus, tight jeans (along with sugar overdosing and not drinking enough water) can lead to un-fun yeast or urinary tract infections. And layer up to keep warm.

  • Change into thick, comfy socks before take-off. Besides the fact that models are always cold, feet swell at high-altitude; give ‘em some breathing room.

  • Fly with a clean face. Forgo heavy makeup to avoid clogged pores. Use a natural moisturizer and lip balm, and perhaps an Evian spritzer, to counteract the effect of dry cabin air.

  • Sleep. Make earplugs and an eye mask part of your travel kit.

  • Get up and stretch occasionally. Keep everything circulating.

  • If crossing time zones, set your watch immediately to the time of destination. Forget what time it is back home.

  • Music. Take your own tunes to block out inevitable anxieties—security checks, delayed flights, etc.