The Artist Group


Adrianne Ho (Ford)
makeup by David Goveia
hair by Dylan K Hanson
photography: Gabor Jurina
Sitting around the booking table is a name familiar to Modelresource readers. That's because she has more experience in the modelling field than most of this industry's agents. 17 years Kris Lyon spent managing models, starting with Storm in London. That was a job she took more or less on a dare while travelling to Europe and answering a classified ad she found on a double-decker bus. She went to the interview, she says still with a disbelieving smile, knowing nothing about the agency and expecting the interview to be little more than the makings of a humourous anecdote. Seven years later - after booking both the men's and women's board (representing the likes of Kate Moss, Elle MacPherson and Rachel Hunter), marrying one of the agency's male models and having a child - Lyon was ready to come back to Canada.

The next seven years were spent at Elite Canada, followed by nearly three at Elmer Olsen and then a break in October 2005. "I decided to step away from the industry," she says now, citing booker burnout. "I went to Ford Motor Company, where people didn't care if my shoes were from last season. I was lining up with the mechanics to get my lunch."

Now back in a more familiar environment, one gets the sense Lyon isn't about to suffer from booker burnout anytime soon. That's partly because she says she gets to be more creative in her current capacity, and partly because she just doesn't see herself as a booker. "Bookers answer the phones. Agents answer the phones and then some. They go after the job. 'You have hair & makeup - do you need a stylist?' I like to consider myself a good agent. I like to make everybody happy."

April Wozny is the newest addition to the booking table at The Artist Group. Bubbly in every way, she is (to quote someone's grandfather) "a real spitfire." Wozny's story starts with four years at Jigsaw Casting, first as an intern, but working her way up to a position where she was travelling to the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and crossing the country for Fashion File's recent host hunt.

Pamela Bernier
Paméla Bernier (Sutherland)
hair by Simone Otis
photography: Chris Nicholls
And this is how the team comes together. In Miller you have someone that was a stylist, directing photoshoots. In Lyon you have a one of the most solid modelling backgrounds in the country. Wozny brings a developed on-screen background. Between those three - and Jaime Wallace, who's been with The Artist Group for 10 years, and who Lyon calls "the cornerstone of the booking table" (currently on maternity leave) - you see a well-rounded unit in terms of understanding the whole of the industry.

The names of the artists are some of the more published ones in Canada: Makeup & Hair Artists like David Goveia, Diana Carreiro, Lisa Aharon and Min Min Ma, Hair & Makeup Artists like Simone Otis, Stylists and Directors like George Antonopolous, Alissia Marciano and Rita Liefhebber. It's an impressive list.

By 10:00 p.m. on a Fabulous Friday most of the early arrivals have moved on and new people are singing along with Echo and the Bunnymen and Amy Winehouse. It's a mix of old and new, eclectic and soulful. It's never dull, and that's pretty much how Miller likes it.