Top Models Poll - 2005

Julia Dunstall
Julia Dunstall
by Derek Kettela
Within weeks of each other Fashion Magazine and Flare Magazine have each published issues featuring their favourite Canadian top models.

Unanimous in each publication are:
Heather Marks
Jessica Stam,
Julia Dunstall,
Lisa Cant,
Maria Dvirnik
Marla Boehr and
Tasha Tilberg.

Madeleine Berrevoets was featured in Fashion, while Bobbi Wiens, Jessiann Gravel and Yasmin Warsame appeared in Flare.

Jessiann Gravel
Jessiann Gravel
by Max Abadian
Where was Daria? Her omission is best explained by a recent New York Times article stating the catwalk queen wasn't even doing shows this past season as she's been rather busy with other things. If I learned anything from spending time with IMG's Ivan Bart in New York last spring, Daria's recent absence from the spotlight is likely part of a much bigger career plan, and frankly, I wouldn't question Ivan Bart's judgment. Like, ever.

One model Modelresource would love to see get more attention from Canada's fashion magazines is Andi Muise. The sexy North Bay brunette recently appeared in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (the most exclusive fashion show in the world), but somehow doesn't connect with Canada's fashion editors. I don't get it.

International rumours suggest the days of the big-eyed mannequins are numbered. That isn't to suggest the current crop of beauties is going away, because even a lot of the delicate dolls not from this country (Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Vlada Roslyakova) are still growing in popularity. If true, what if does mean is there will be fewer opportunities for new models of this ilk.

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam
by Gabor Jurina
Expected to replace these types? South of the border there are rumblings of the return of the all-American, girl next door. In Europe they are calling for a return to glamourous, silver-screen types with smouldering eyes.

Modelresource wants to know what you expect to see in a year from now. Irrespective of the top crop of 2005, to whom we wish long-continued success, we want to know which other Canadian model you think is most likely to capture the world's imagination in the next year. We're leaving the poll up until the beginning of December, and if our cookie-tracking works at all, you should be allowed one vote per day until that time.

Some models you will know better than others. 5'11" Katy Beal, for instance, only recently signed to Giovanni, but is so unbelievably beautiful that I expect her to get plenty of votes.

In fairness to Mode's Aleisia and Next's Els, who Modelresource just sprung on you the other day and could break it big in a matter of weeks, they are still too new to figure into this poll. Don't think that by passing them over in this poll Modelresource isn't excited about their prospects. We really are.

Voting has now ended.

Results can be found here.