Who Do You Love?

December 2005

Lisa Cant
Lisa Cant - current favourite
The results are in from our year-end poll, and according to Modelresource readers Lisa Cant and Heather Marks are once again the Current Favourites, but the order has changed.

Heather Marks
Heather Marks - runner-up
The survey was online for eight days (compared with nearly a month last year), and drew more than 2,100 votes (compared with about 800 in 2004).

Whereas last year Marks won by 66 votes, this year Cant ended up on top, by a mere 11 votes.

Jessiann Graval
Jessiann Gravel (tie)
Julia Dunstall
Julia Dunstall (tie)
In the Rising Star category, unfortunately, the final outcome was affected by a technical glitch. Modelresource was offline for most of the final day of balloting (the first time this site has ever been offline for more than a few minutes) while our hosting service upgraded their servers. Our pages appear more quickly now, but the vote was unfortunately skewed.

As a result, our decision desk has called it a draw. Jessiann Gravel and Julia Dunstall were consistently swapping spots at the top throughout the balloting and since the final tally showed a one-vote differential between the two, in light of all the problems we feel pretty good about calling it a tie.

Thank-you to all that voted. Modelresource always appreciates your opinion.