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Losing The Last Ten Pounds

September 14, by Mario Rigby

So you've been at it in the gym for a while and can't seem to lose that last ten pounds or lose those two extra inches. Well you're not alone. Many people, in fact most people I've encountered have the same complaints. Here are newly updated facts and tips to losing those ten extra pounds.

Before you get all defensive and say something like, "I don't want big muscles and look like the Incredible Hulk," just hear me out!

Weight training increases your lean muscle mass which in turn is responsible for burning calories. Therefore, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn. To increase muscle mass, women need to also increase testosterone levels. No, you won't suddenly start growing facial hair, but rather increase the hormone which in turn will increase your metabolic rate (the rate you burn calories).

So how do you get started? I know the weight room can seem intimidating, but you needn't be frightened, I'm sure you can hold your own, right?!

Here are my top 10 tips to get started with your weight training:
  1. If you have a heart condition, pregnant, bone and joint injury or any condition that may be affected by exercise, you should always consult your doctor first.
  2. Buy yourself some training gloves. This will protect your hands and rings.
  3. Don't be frightened of the weights, you lift heavy items every day, so don't be negative, be POSITIVE.
  4. Book an appointment with a personal trainer to talk about your goals and to help take you through a program designed just for you. At most gyms this service is free.
  5. Start with assisted weight machines. These have fantastic diagrams and instructions which are easy to follow.
  6. If you don't have gym access, purchase some hand weights of three different sizes; 3lb, 5lb and 8lb. This will give you options and different challenges as you improve and grow in strength.
  7. Don't try and guess what exercises to do, seek advice, or check out for easy-to-follow exercises.
  8. Keep yourself well hydrated throughout exercises.
  9. Always stretch AFTER completing your weight training workout, this will also help keep your muscles long and lean.
  10. Replenish your muscles up to 30 minutes after with a nutritious protein shake, chocolate or plain milk.
Keep eating your greens! For more Health & Fitness tips check out my website:

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