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The Professional Model

by Matthew Lyn

My fellow Modelresourcers, this is a story about the importance of being a professional, when everything else seems impossible.

James Neate
Our tale begins on a nice sunny morning in New York and fashion week had just sprung alive in the city. The hurried models running from casting to casting with nothing more than a bagel and coffee at hand. Something was to be different that day, particularly for Canadian superstar Alex Loomans.

Alex set out from his Brooklyn apartment with nothing more then a pair of shorts, a nice t-shirt and backpack containing his portfolio. From casting to casting, Alex made his rounds, when he received a friendly phone call from Tara (his booker in Toronto).

Now the next few moments of this conversation get a little crazy! Follow me on this: Alex's bookers in NY are trying to reach him because there has been a terrible mix up and are calling Tara (while she's talking to Alex). NY explains that Alex's ticket that was booked for London (later that night) was actually leaving in 2 hours! Tara switches back on the phone with Alex and asks

"What physically do you have on you?" -T

"Ummm just my backpack with my portfolio" -A

"Do you have your passport?" -T

"Yea... " -A

"K, get in a cab and go to the airport" -T

Alex, a very cool and calm kid, hops in the cab without a second thought... with full trust in his bookers as he heads to the airport. He arrived in a cold and frigid London with nothing more then what he woke up with. He's greeted with some gift baskets because the clients were informed of the situation and greatly appreciated his professionalism.

This is not a normal fairytale ending, where everything worked out. In fact, Alex completed the shoot for Arena Magazine but the photo spread never made it into the publication. In the eyes of the clients however, a true professional was employed and his bookers couldn't be more proud of the way he handled it!

The moral is that sometimes things do not go the way you had planned. Sometimes you have no control over circumstances, but this is a job that does not always provide second chances and you have to remain professional at all times. If you're on top of your game, clients, agents, photographers and stylists are more likely to want to work with you, with a greater chance of pay off in the end.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading my non-standard article.

Matthew Lyn Mens Editor