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Taylor Fuchs

Taylor Fuchs

by Matthew Lyn

How were you discovered?

I was discovered in a bar in Calgary while I was going to university.

Had you ever heard of D&G, Gucci, Prada, Versace or Louis Vuitton prior to modelling?

I had heard of a few of the major labels but I was definitely not wearing them.

How does it feel to be one of the top models in the world?

It is pretty surreal. None of this was expected so I have been trying to soak it all in and take nothing for granted.

Do you have any future goals asides from modelling?

The two most forthcoming goals involve finishing school and getting into acting.

What transition did you have to undertake to better prepare yourself for modelling?

When I first started I lost about 30 pounds in order to get the right body type for modelling.

How often do you visit home?

I try to get home as much as possible. Usually ends up being around four times a year.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I don't have a girlfriend. I'm still trying to perfect the art of a long distance relationship as this is pretty much the only option at this point.

Where do you want to live after modelling?

I want to keep travelling after modelling but I'm sure I will end up living back in Canada.

Are there any specific campaigns you would like to book? Do you think about that kinda stuff?

Modelling wise? Not really... just take it as it comes. You go crazy if you start having your heart set on specific jobs.

Do you think some people treat you differently now that you're one of the top models in the world? What's the treatment at home like?

Some people do try and suck up to you, but nothing has really changed with my family and real friends. Treatment at home is pretty humbling... brings me back to earth.

Do you think you have become more popular with girls at home and abroad after your big jump?

Yeah, but with the wrong kind of girls for the most part

Do you get alot of random friend requests on facebook?

Yeah, quite a bit but I'd say probably 80% are people I don't know

What is the scariest thing that has happened to you as a model?

We were shooting in this old castle in Belgium and a door slammed and the door knob started to turn back and forth... three of us saw it and no one was in the room... definitely haunted, haha

Any crazy fan experiences?

No, nothing over the top.

What's your favourite past time?

Love sports! Super competitive person.

What's your favourite sport?

Basketball to play... football to watch.

What is your best modelling moment?

Hmm, good question... probably when the Forbes story came out. It kind of validated me doing this right now

I suppose your financial situation is looking good? care to discuss ?

It's a nice change from eating kd [Kraft Dinner] in university... pays the bills.

How long do you plan on modelling for? How far do you plan on taking it

No clue. I think that it may be something I will continue to do for a while as I pursue other interests.

Your favourite food?


Is there any advice you can give new models getting into the industry

Don't take anything for granted... this business gives you some amazing experiences and opportunities usually packed into a short career. While in the middle of it all it is easy to assume it will always be there.

Thanks Taylor, I wish you the best in your career!


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