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Honestly, we were lucky. Areta had a friend whose family had an unbelievably beautiful property northwest of Toronto. Equally fortunate, the temperature was in the mid-twenties and there was nary a cloud in the sky.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: When planning a booking you need to be prepared for bad weather. A big part of the responsibility falls to the photographer to ensure he/she can shoot in different lighting and settings. You should be prepared with such things as umbrellas, tarps and other weather combatants.
THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you're holding out for a perfect day, be prepared to pay for it. Booking a model, stylist, makeup artist, photographer (or anyone else) means putting a demand on their schedule, and they will rightfully demand compensation if you cancel the booking with little or no notice.
The final shots occured jsut before sunset
As planned, the sun was about to
set just before the final shots
As it was, Areta's shoot happened to fall on an ideal day, and was set in an ideal location. The only drawback to the location was that it wasn't off a major highway, so both the hair & makeup artist and the model had difficulty finding it. Things started roughly 45 minutes late, but in the end that worked in our favour as we got the perfect dusk lighting for the final shots.

We had hoped to shoot seven looks in the four hours we had allotted for the shoot. In the end we got six and that was only accomplished by rushing the final shots. Like any industry, if you keep the talent over the scheduled time, be prepared to pay a premium for overtime. We decided photographing the final garment wasn't worth the extra cost and had left it as the last piece for that reason.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to match certain looks to specific locations, do as much planning as possible beforehand. You don't want to pay the crew to stand around while you sort out details.


Not always comfortable, but Candice never complained
Not always comfortable,
but Candice never complained
Our model, Candice, was a star. Despite having to sit still for long periods while mosquitoes feasted and flies found their way up her nose she didn't complain. You pay a premium for models with that degree of professionalism, but it's worth it when everyone else can do their job without the distraction of a noticeably agitated model.

Areta had thought in advance and brought bottled water and a tray of vegetables to keep everyone feeling fresh. The last thing you want, as a client, is a tired or frustrated model.

Be prepared. Have something to help the model remove her makeup. Provide a robe if the model needs to stand around a lot with exposed skin. Basically, try to consider anything that might affect the model's comfort, and prepare for it.

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