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Candice Chan

Candice Chan
Candice Chan
Client: Candice Chan / RK stores

Who is she? Senior Designer & Director of Marketing for Toronto-based women's wear chain, RK stores. RK currently has 7 stores across Toronto including Yorkville, Yorkdale and Bayview Village.

The clothing and style is sophisticated and chic but with a slight provocative edge. Collections are stocked with slick suits, sleek outerwear, addictive activewear, happening knits and some of the most killer accessories in town.

On top of being part of the trio design & merchandising team, Candice is also responsible for the marketing and branding of the company's image. Together with Creative Director Joyce Chow, Candice determines the fashion direction of the campaigns, the selection of the creative talent and the selection of the model.

Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin for RK stores
Hires Models for: SEASONAL CAMPAIGN, In-store Posters, Flyers, Website, E-blasts, PR Editorial Placements, some event appearances

What you look for when you cast models? "RK requires a certain sexy, timeless and sophisticated look when we select models for our seasonal campaigns. I mean, this face will be in our seven stores, and all over our documents, website etc, for at least 6 months, so whoever she is, she must represent the company as appropriately as we envision her to look. Sometimes we get inspired by the model, like last season (Fall 2005) with Niomi from Elmer Olsen and her striking platinum hair. Then sometimes, we look for a model that brings our inspiration to life, like this year's Nelly from Sutherland with her exotic and sultry look.

In terms of age, we look for someone who appears a bit more mature and sophisticated (in the 25 year old range) since our customer is mainly 25 45 years old. The look we like is someone who exerts a fierce attitude with a defined face to go with a lot of our suiting and dresses. In terms of a model's figure, we prefer models who have some sort of proportioned shape to fit our size 4 (32-25-34 with 34" inseam) and is not too thin - we don't ever want to isolate our customer. The ability to pose creatively is a skill that we look for.

Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin for RK stores
The RK campaigns are always full of high energy poses so we need the model to have a good attitude and be ready to work hard. Professionalism definitely goes a long way here. Finally, what the model has in their portfolio is important. It shows not only the level of their experience, their different looks and posing skills but it also shows how good of a worker they are and how many companies were willing to work with them."

What turns you off to a model? "We're happy to say that we haven't had anything really extreme that has turned us off from a model. We've actually become friends with almost every model we've hired. Like I said, having a good attitude, being friendly, acting professional and offering posing suggestions make the model a part of the team. Being punctual is very important, showing up prepared with your model bag, clean hair, no make-up, shaved legs and underarms are basics that I hope all models already know. Out of respect for your team, models should also try to avoid taking personal phone calls or chatting too loudly about their personal lives with other team members. Any model who acts unprofessional is a turn off, but we have yet to meet one."

Nelly Tsyrlin
Nelly Tsyrlin for RK stores
Anything else? "Smart models will always try to talk to clients so they can understand personally what the shoot is about, rather than waiting for instructions. You can always see in the pictures if the model got it or not. Researching the client (check website, past models, campaigns) before the shoot will allow the model to get into the philosophy of the company they are about to represent."


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