Client Profile

Francisco Garcia

Sisi Wang (LizBell / Sutherland),
by Francisco Garcia

Who is he?
A 27-year-old Canadian-born photographer who was raised in Chile. After studing architecture for four years he moved back to Canada and "roamed around."

While touring with a band he discovered photography, citing "masters of our time, like Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, David Bailey" as major influences.

"I don't think I can define my style, as it changes so rapidly in our industry. I do strive however, to make an image that will appeal to the public not only technically, but conceptually as well. If someone stops and looks at one of my photographs for more than five seconds I can say I am a pretty happy camper."

Casts Models for:
"Editorial, Advertising, creatives....ALWAYS CREATIVES!!!!!"

What you look for when you cast models?

Kat Shandruk (Mode / Elite),
by Francisco Garcia
"I look for someone that will obviouslly suit the vision that the creative team has established for a specific project. I also look for someone with lots of energy - there is nothing worse than showing up on set and having to "pull teeth."

It's always fun when you're shooting and the music is blaring, the lights are blasting and the model is "working" whatever she has on. Whether it be a huge coat with crazy pants and hats or a really sexy piece of lingerie. Basically, I love people that WANT to be doing what they are doing, no matter the circumstance. We are all in it to have fun and to get a result. And when people work towards putting a vision together, amazing things can happen."

What turns you off to a model?
"I always try and make the best of every situation. BUT, it sucks when models get nervous and self-concious. I really don't like when people don't have confidence in themselves, I mean, what do you really have to lose...NOTHING!!! I mean, we all have bad days and stuff, but when you get a chance to do what you WANT to do, then that is the time to shine. I have shot so many girls that could have been WAY better, if they had only believed in themselves and WORKED THE S**T OUT OF THEIR yeah.......don't be nervous."

Andi Muise (IMM / Next),
by Francisco Garcia
Anything else?
"A lot of people think that modelling is really easy... but it's not. It's actually one of the hardest things that I can think of. It's kind of like acting... getting into it..... Twiggy, Kate Moss (who is still rocking the s**t out of us), Daria, Gemma, Malgosia Bela, Natalia V, Heather Marks.....the list goes on forever...but these are the girls that have changed the face of fashion. As a photographer you can only do so much, but it's the subject that can change a moment from good to f***ing amazing. Complete confidence, attitude, sexiness, and wanting to model. You can't go wrong if you try hard at being the best at what you do. Look at the models who inspire you, and take as much as you can from that. GET INSPIRED!!!!!!"


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