Client Profile

Helen Krispis

Amanda Tataryn (Sutherland)
Styling: Helen Krispis
Photo: Miguel Jacob
Makeup: Susana Hong
Hair: Marco Greco
Who is she? Helen Krispis put together Pink Tartan's looks - both on and off the runway - for several seasons before going solo in 2007 and launching herself as one of the most sought after freelance stylists in Toronto.

Specializing in both on and off figure styling, for photoshoots, fashion shows and events, her other clients include The CBC, Holt Renfrew, The Bay and most recently Seneca College, where she is teaching a photo styling class.

Works with models for: Various projects such as look books, fashion shows, fashion events, designer trunk shows and creatives.

What she looks for in a model? "I always keep the client in mind when booking a model. The model must be a reflection of the brand/client's image.

Professionalism is a must. I respect a model who shows an interest in the job she has been booked for. Showing up on time, being enthusiastic and striving to do the best while continuing to grow."
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Erin Blaak (Ford), Styling: Helen Krispis
Photo: Deryck Lewis, Makeup & Hair: Katie Scanlan

What turns her off to a model? "A model who doesn't take direction well or shows a general disinterest in the work she is doing is a huge turnoff."

Styling Tip: "Always have a pair of insoles handy just incase. As well, clean manicures & pedicures are essential."

Anything else? "Models should always arrive to a job ready for her assignment, but a passion for what she does is a must."


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