Client Profile

Juliana Schiavinatto

Elyse Saunders (Ford)
Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto
Photo: Paco Garcia
Makeup: Beau Nelson
Hair: Janet Jackson
Who is she? Juliana Schiavinatto grew up in São Paulo, Brazil and at just 15 years old was already working as an assistant buyer for her family's clothing retail chain. Through this early exposure to fashion Juliana realized she had a knack for picking the right clothes. After her family moved to Canada, Juliana decided to follow her interest and a career was born. Juliana now works as a stylist for magazines, advertising campaigns, music videos and fashion shows.

"Styling allows me to have a point of view and share it with the outside world. I see it as a bit of an art form, where the clothes become the paint for a picture. It's an exciting and ever changing way to express myself."

As a stylist, she has contributed to international magazines such as FQ, Style Monte Carlo, Neo2 and Zink, and worked with celebrities such as John Legend, Bryan Adams and Kelis. More of her work can be viewed at

Works with models for: Editorials, campaigns, runway, creatives, press events, television spots.

What she looks for in a model? "Depends on what type of job, but in general I look for a great overall look and personality. Great skin, hair and body are essential, but personality is in my opinion what makes a model go from good to great. When a model is interested in becoming part of the team and sharing the vision, he or she has the power to take the image to the next level."

Jessica Lewis (Elmer Olsen)
Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto
Photo: Hamish Kippen
Makeup & Hair: Simone Otis

What turns her off to a model? "Laziness. If you don't want to be there, it shows. I like when girls show up excited and with a genuine interest in each shoot. Not every job is going to be a dream, and modelling is not an easy job, but if you approach every job as a learning experience and have fun doing it, then everyday can be an incredible experience."

Styling Tip: "Always wear skin tone underwear, and having a skin tone seamless bra with detachable straps that fits you well really helps!"

Anything else? "Stylists have a great involvement in casting for some shoots, and sometimes models don't know that. If a model is fun to work with and does a great job, we are much more inclined to want to do it again!"


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