Client Profile

Maxime Bocken

Kate (Elmer Olsen),
stylist: Laura Minquini
make-up: Min Min Ma
hair: Dylan K Hanson
Who is he? Belgian born but growing up in Central Africa, Maxime learned at an early age to see the world from a different viewpoint.

To earn some extra money for school and travel, he started modelling in Brussels, and worked in Europe and North America.

His international career exposed him to the world of fashion, and after four seasons he decided to pick up the camera to share his own vision and interpretation to create fashion.

Now based in Toronto, his latest work can be found on

Casts Models for: "Editorial, Commercial Publications"

What you look for when you cast models?

Jessica Lewis (Elmer Olsen),
in FQ, fall 2006
stylist: Gisela Castillo
hair & make-up: Hanoch Drori
"Most of the time the client has a very precise idea of what kind of girl he wants, and often the photographer only receives a mail saying "This is the girl". But when I get free rein, I always look for a unique expression in the eyes that will make the difference.

Therefore, during a casting: Be yourself and most of all, always look at people straight in the eyes!

Furthermore, I am a firm believer in karma: only beautiful souls will look good through my lens. Analyzing the behaviour amongst the models themselves during the casting often helps me figure out who the one will be."

What turns you off to a model?
"Being a good model is not easy. Not only do you need to have that very specific look but also you must be a damn actress! Like in a mute movie, no lines to help you, your body is the only medium for you to communicate emotions. What really turns me off is that empty model, nothing inside, no dream, no hope, no project, no energy, no soul.

Mark (Ford),
in Men Magazine Fall 2006
stylist: Rita Fiorucci
hair & make-up: Dylan K Hanson
I'm a very young, professional photographer and I totally see myself as a puppy, the studio is my playground. If you don't want to play with me take off your make-up and go back home. Modelling is a chance that's been given to you. I'm constantly surprised to see how many models take it for granted.

Another thing more gritty: hairy armpits for a girl totally turn me off. I do respect that we all have different values but in the fashion industry - please shave it off!"

Anything else?
"Fashion is so much fun and that's how it should be! Don't take it too seriously!!"


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