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Rosa Costanzo

Rosa Costanzo, Spring 2005
Rosa Costanzo
Spring 2005
Who is she? Rosa Costanzo is a Canadian designer you need to know.

Ever since her days with the Toronto Fashion Incubator (where she headlined the prestigious 2003 New Labels show), the Ottawa designer's work has captured the attention of fashion media and those on the hunt for cool.

Before launching her own line a few years ago, Rosa worked in Milan with the likes of Fendi, Valentino and Anna Molinari. Since returning to Canada her creations have appeared in most of this country's top fashion magazines (Flare, Elle, Elle Quebec, FQ), and have attracted a loyal following to her runway shows.

Last year Rosa was named one of top 50 people in the nation's capitol by Ottawa Life Magazine not an easy feat in a city that draws from the countries top lawmakers and newsmakers.

This week Rosa is relocating to Toronto, where her reputation as one of the coolest designers in the country should continue to grow.

Hires Models for: Fashion Shows, Catalogues, Print, Seasonal Campaigns.

Rosa Costanzo, Spring 2004
Rosa Costanzo
Spring 2004
What you look for when you cast models? "I don't look for one particular look, as each season my look changes, as does what I need out of a model. I do love a model who has a great attitude, a great walk (if needed) and is not intimidated by the camera."

What turns you off to a model? "I don't like a model who is unprofessional. I enjoy dealing with a model who knows exactly what she is expected to do and does it with a smile. I believe that you're hired to do a job, and you should complete the job without causing stress to your employer. Or else don't bother showing up, this type of industry doesn't have time to baby-sit."

Anything else? "I think that models should take on as many jobs as they can, to better the presentations of themselves within the industry. Also, this gives them a better understanding of what is expected from them as a model and representing their agency. They should also remain true to themselves, I love to see their personality shine through in the work they do."


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Rosa Costanzo

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