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How to Stand Out at a Casting - Part I

"Model number 27... you're up!"

Whether you are new to the modelling industry or a fashion veteran, the truth of the matter is that at some point you will need to attend a casting call. Luckily "cattle calls" - hundreds of models lined up around the block to MAYBE have the opportunity to meet with a casting director - are becoming a thing of the past. In the last few years, legitimate agencies and casting directors have shifted towards scheduled appointments and weekly time slots to interview and audition their potential starlets. Unfortunately, upon attending these meetings many of you will find that you are surrounded by a room of beauties, many of whom you know have far more experience than yourself! Alas - the new school way of holding a casting call also has its flaws. While you were told to be at the studio by 2:30pm on Friday with your model book in tow, so were 30 of your fiercest competitors. So how does one stand out in such a competitive situation? Sure, you're boyfriend thinks that you're the prettiest girl there - but seriously, he's not the one you need to impress! (Please see Rule #3 for the reason why your boyfriend shouldn't be there in the first place). Luckily, Modelresource is here to save the day! There are, in fact, ways you can stand out in this Survivor-esque setting, before the tribe has spoken and you're out of luck - and a job!

Rule #1: Don't Be Tardy for the Party
If you are told be at the studio by 4pm - you better be there and ready by at least 3:55pm! This should be a life rule that all of us follow, not just models. If you're delayed, you could miss your opportunity to WOW the people who are in control of your future. Often when a casting director or agent finds the look they have been searching for, they will stop paying attention to anyone that follows. They've found "The One!"

If you are late to an appointment, it not only shows that you are unreliable but that this opportunity is less important than something else you were tending to earlier. A good tip is to research the location you are heading to the night before and plan for a 30 minute buffer in case you get lost.

Rule #2: Remember, You're a Model - Not a Garbage Truck Driver!
You know what they say... "It takes a highly specialized team of hair and make-up professionals to make us look like we didn't just roll out of bed and decide to stand outside of an abandoned carpet factory". Okay, so no one said that and I just made it up right now but it's true! While models are the face of the project, a HUGE team of people go into making our job go from taking a picture of a pretty girl to fashion artistry.

It's important that the casting directors and agents are able to see the potential in you when you walk in the door. If you show up in your party clothes from the night before (extra points are taken off if we can see your smudged mascara!) then we won't be impressed. Make sure that you look professional - Generally speaking, unless you are told otherwise, wear something that allows the director to see your figure and wear little-to-no makeup. It's true what our mothers told us: all you need is a little mascara and lip-gloss!

Rule #3: This is Not a Wedding - there is no +1 on the invite!
If you are over the age of 18 - there is LITERALLY no reason you need to bring a chaperone with you to a casting. This means no boyfriends (especially no boyfriends!), no girlfriends, no babies or tag along models. If you have been invited to a closed casting - the agent or director only wants to see you. Bringing your significant other or friends can be very distracting for both you and others around you. It is in your best interest to show up physically and mentally ready to knock their socks off. This is not the place for changing diapers, discussing the latest episode of "Jersey Shore" or having a lovers' quarrel over why his ex- girlfriend is emailing him. Be a professional!

Hopefully, these three tips will get you started on developing a strong and professional casting call persona. Check back next week for the rest of Modelresource's "Rules of the Casting Call" and stay tuned to my very personal audition pet-peeve! I can guarantee the anecdote I have to share will make you re-think the way you behave in the waiting room.

Until next time!

Yours in fashion,
Jessica Denomme


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