Desperate Scouts

Dan Grant, Publisher

Among the people that I most despise in this industry are the bitter ones who, when no agency shows interest in hiring them, label themselves "scout" and try undermine those that have shunned them.

These are the pretenders that approach models boasting they can hook them up with better situations elsewhere. Rather than scouting they attempt to poach by planting seeds of discontent.

I have no problem with freelance scouts, but when some clown that has been rejected time and time again by legitimate agencies resorts to associating with sketchy operations, that's a sure sign of someone desperate for acceptance.

These are the losers that comb Facebook, adding models they would likely never encounter or deal with otherwise. These same weasels reply to every industry invite they can get their fingers on, hoping for chance encounters.

In bigger markets there are agencies that pay finder's fees to lecherous types that deliver models from other firms. In fact, in Milan I've heard of people making a pretty decent living playing both sides of the take; convincing models to switch between competitors that are each paying out. I know a guy that was a key figure in New York ten years ago who described his role as "partying with other agencies' girls."

Let's be clear about this: Montreal and Toronto are nothing like those places, and no Canadian agency with any trace of respectability would pay a freelancer for poaching other agencies' models. Stay far away from anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

Stay Safe,

Dan Grant


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